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What to watch now that you survived midterms

We all could use a break so here are some stress-free shows to get you across the finish line.

Summer is almost here and, if you’re like me, you are ready for this quarter to end so you can finally relax. If you’re putting off watching some TV shows because they are too intense, here are some that can play in the background while you fold clothes or clean the kitchen.


Have you ever thought “Atlanta” is great, but I can’t binge watch it because it can be too depressing?” Enter “Woke,” which released its second season in early April. “Woke” hits on a lot of the same issues as “Atlanta,” white allies, corporate “activism,” etc. but does so in a low-stakes way. “Woke” is based on a real cartoonist who is assaulted by the police which changes his perspective on just about everything. Also, random objects start talking to him, like malt liquor bottles, trashcans, and his trusty pen, voiced by J.B. Smoove. It is funny and light but it also has something to say about our society.

[“Woke” is streaming only on Hulu]

“Our Flag Means Death”

Stede Bonnet suffers a mid-life crisis and decides to become a “Gentleman Pirate” but realizes that he is falling in love with Blackbeard. The premise alone sounds like some excellent hijinks could be in play, but the cast is what really makes this show so appealing. Taika Waititi, Leslie Jones, Fred Armisen, Kristen Schaal, Will Arnett, and more famously funny people make this ensemble cast ooze with potential. With plot points focusing on pyramid schemes, hunting for oranges, and identity theft, this show is perfect for keeping you entertained while the quarter winds down.

[“Our Flag Means Death” is streaming only on HBOMax]

“Russian Doll”

Maybe laughing through the quarter isn’t what you need. Maybe you have a day off and you just want to be engrossed in something other than your life. “Russian Doll” is here for all of your binging needs. Natasha Lyonne reprises her role as Nadia, who successfully escaped a time loop in the first season and now finds a way to travel back in time and take control of her mother’s body while she was pregnant with Nadia. This show will keep you guessing throughout and it’s hard not to love the characters, despite their numerous flaws.

[“Russian Doll” is available to stream on Netflix]

“Bob’s Burgers”

As they say, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Honestly, this spot could be filled with any show that brings you immense comfort and joy but for me, it’s “Bob’s Burgers.” The show’s twelfth season is currently airing, so join the Belcher family as they get into miscellaneous and wholesome shenanigans. As an added incentive, “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” is coming out later in May, so think of it as studying up for what is sure to be a cinematic masterpiece.

[”Bob’s Burgers” is available to stream on Hulu]