Job opportunities on UW Tacoma campus

With an emphasis on student workers, the UWT campus has multiple positions available for applications.

Spring Quarter is coming to an end and with summer approaching there are a lot of places on campus that are looking to hire students from all different experiences and standings to help out.

The Center for Student Involvement, for example, is looking to hire a student center assistant, a student center coordinator, a husky life coordinator and many more positions for immediate work. 

Ashley Remigio, who has been a student assistant for six months, was available to speak about the current position openings.

“As a student it’s a great way for new and current students to navigate the free opportunities and services we have and it’s a great way to talk to the student government about policies. It’s a multipurpose place to get things done without having to go to multiple buildings for help,” Remigio said.

The Teaching and Learning center is also hiring, with the TLC peer writing consultant position being open.

Gabby Brandt, who has been working there since 2019, shared her thoughts on what they’re looking for in their next employee.

“Applying here, it is a type of job working for fellow students, and if you’re benevolent or want experience helping others it’s a great way to get started, and hours are flexible,” Brandt said.

To add, Brandt shares insight to the types of people who generally get hired with The Teaching and Learning Center.

“People who sound passionate and who can learn fast, go with the flow and show adaptability and flexibility generally get hired. They’re definitely looking for people skills and familiarity with subject interests,” says Brandt

Brandt adds, “My advice is be yourself and if it doesn’t work out for you – find somewhere that does work for you.”

To find more information about these places and more job opportunities, log on to Handshake for more details.