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Why you should listen to KyleSimps unreleased music

With a common theme of love for his unreleased tracks, it is easy for people to listen to regardless of genre preference.

KyleSimps is an upcoming musician who had started their music career after gaining a following on the popular social media platform, TikTok. He has accumulated over 750,000 followers across his multiple accounts, disregarding the many accounts he has lost in the past after being banned for violating community guidelines. His first big break in music was with his hit single “S.I.M.P.” which exploded on TikTok. KyleSimps has made even more music after his original boom in popularity, and recently has uploaded 10 unreleased songs onto his SoundCloud account “Kylesimpsnoods.” One thing in common among all the unreleased songs is the theme of love, but which songs stand out from the rest?

“Feelin’ Me”

“Feelin’ Me” is the only song of the 10 unreleased songs that shows some ties to KyleSimps’ ethnicity and homeland. It is very easy to see as there is a recurring lyric in the song which is “I can tell she from the Philippines.” There is also the lyric “put you to sleep like I’m Manny Pacquiao,” who is a very important public figure to all Filipinos as he is a massive inspiration due to what he has achieved as a boxer and politician. Besides the ties to his homeland, this song has a very catchy beat which will be having you bobbing your head to the tune. 


“Stare” is the only slow-paced song found in the unreleased music. Because of this fact, it makes listeners more appreciative of this song as it gives you a break from the upbeat songs. The background music also is a bit different than the rest as drums are not the main focus, but rather are only there to accent the main melody of the electric guitar. This might not be a song for everyone due to the slower pace, but it is because of that slower pace that this song stands out from the rest, and for good reasons.

“Midnight Romancing”

“Midnight Romancing” is the type of song you would listen to while you are on a nighttime drive. One thing that makes this song a bit different from the rest is that the instrumental is more synth-based rather than acoustic and electric instruments. Like all the other songs in the unreleased music, this song is about love with lyrics like “passed around by the bros, I don’t care, it’s okay, still gon’ love anyway.” With lyrics like these, it makes you wonder if it’s about love, or if it’s about heartbreak instead.

Overall, the 10 unreleased tracks found on KyleSimps’ SoundCloud profile is a fun listen. None of the songs touch on anything too serious since KyleSimps makes music like a carefree young adult. With this being a huge amount of music for KyleSimps to upload, it makes you wonder what direction he is going to take on his music journey, as well as when these songs are going to officially drop on platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.