Why students chose UW Tacoma

UWT students share why the accepted offers to UW Tacoma and how it payed off.

As students prepare to apply for college and accept admissions offers, The Ledger takes a look as to why students accepted their offer to UW Tacoma. The end of winter quarter can be described as challenging from many perspectives and sometimes students need a reminder as to why they chose to be here.

First-year student Clare McCoy shares her experience choosing UW Tacoma.

“I chose UWT because of the proximity to my family and hometown friends who are only about an hour and a half away,” McCoy says, “It gave me the freedom to be independent while also still being close to the people I love. I also was directly admitted to my major which was a major stress reliever and made UWT quickly one of my top choices. I also grew up being a Husky fan so going to any UW campus was definitely a dream for me, as well as my familys.”

UWT was one of the few colleges known for the theme of independence and work/student balance. With a high population of commuting students and downtown Tacoma scenery, UWT has made a city life of it’s own.

Second-year student Luc Tworek shares his reasons for committing to UW Tacoma.

“I chose UWT because of the School of Urban Studies, which is a major only offered at this campus specifically,” Tworek says, “I also love that there are smaller class sizes here, they’re more personal and allow me to connect with my classmates and professors on a deeper level. Coming from eastern Washington, Tacoma has been such a beautiful place to live with so much to offer, and the people here have been so nice.”

UW Tacoma has an average student to staff ratio of 16:1, making it easier for students to connect with their professors and their peers.

Matt Chalfant, third-year history major gives his top reasons why people of diverse backgrounds and identities should attend UWT.

“Out of all the campuses it seemed like the most diverse and most accepting,” says Chalfant, “I think the smaller classrooms have really helped me to get closer with my professors and they have made it easier for me to come out of my comfort zone to talk with my peers.” 

UWT is a college where diversity, inclusion, and unity is promoted as students see in peer organized clubs, events and gatherings. For more information visit

Clare McCoy shares her thoughts on the outcome of her decision to attend UWT.

“My favorite part of UWT has been the academic aspect. I love the small class sizes which lead to easy relationships with peers and teachers. And, the convenience of living on campus and getting to class and other campus activities is super ideal,” says McCoy. 

As college application season continues, these UWT students hope these insights can influence and encourage people to attend UWT these upcoming quarters. Visit for more information on how to get academic advising or speaking with someone about continuing an educational path.