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“Me vs. Me” is another run of the mill rap album

“Change My Ways” is one of the better songs to listen to in this album

After dropping six singles in anticipation for his newest work “Me vs. Me,” NLE Choppa has finally dropped the full album. The songs that fans have already heard include “Final Warning,” “Mmm Hmm,” “Jumpin,” “I.Y.B.” “Drop Shit,” and “Too Hot.” Of the six released singles, only three are in his top 10 most popular songs on Spotify, with his single “Jumpin” being his most popular song as of Feb. 6. This is a perfect coincidental analogy of NLE Choppa’s new album, as many of the new songs are a hit-or-miss.

“Shotta Flow 6” is another addition to his Shotta Flow tracks and is great, being the newest entry. Possibly one of the best songs of the album, it is placed well as the first song. With lyrics like “One pop we pop we made him drop,” it is catchy enough to make people try and listen to the rest of the album.

“Push It” is a collaboration song with Young Thug and is a great follow-up to “Shotta Flow 6.” This is actually the most popular song of the album on Spotify disregarding the songs that were released as singles prior to the full album, and it makes sense as the song is a good listen since it’s very catchy. Some lyrics that make you want to sing along would be whenever “Push it” is said in the song. It is also a good collaboration that shares the song as it starts with NLE Choppa, goes to Young Thug and ends with NLE again.

“Trap Phone” is not great but isn’tbad either. Nothing stands out, for good or for bad. The only thing this song has going for it is that it is catchy because of how the song starts but then it quickly turns into another generic NLE Choppa song when he uses the same old flow found in many of his other songs. The lyrics don’t really add much to the song at all.

“Stompin” had potential with a good beat. Lyrics just don’t hit, too many corny lines like “I see through these b*tches like Snapchat filters.” The song relies on basic wordplay that would be used in puns of lyrics, and it just does not have great lyricism. 

“Change My Ways” hit a little different from the other songs from the album because of the enunciations and pitch of lyrics matching with the beat of the song. It can be heard with the lyrics “Don’t run from this a** whoopin’ and if you run, I grab my gun.”

“Ima Dogg” is a complete rip-off of Gucci Mane’s “Ima Dogg” but worse. It just feels like NLE Choppa is just slurring the title of the song over and over again with other lyrics tying in with the theme of dogs, which can be seen with the lyrics “don’t make me use my paws, n****.”

“Still Hood” starts slow, which is a nice change of pace, but it goes back to the same flow. The lyrics are great, it seems like it has meaning to the artist. This is easy to see as the song describes how NLE Choppa feels about where he came from, and he believes that he has not changed from what he used to be.

“Chicago to Memphis” a collaboration with the artist G Herbo as they rap and sing about where they are from and what they have seen. It is a good song with some meaning behind some lyrics, such as G Herbo’s opening line “Anytime a n**** play, it raises the murder rate,” which is reflective of Chicago.

“Lick Me Baby” is a purely sexual song. It tries its best to be a good song with a great beat, but at then end of the day it is just full of sexual lyrics that have no meaning. There is one thing that makes this song stand out from the rest, the spelling out of “LICK ME BABY” like when Gwen Stefani spelt bananas in her song “Hollaback Girl.”

“Youngest to Do It” is the last song of the album and does a good job ending it. Having the last song of the album have meaning is great for the artist and for fans alike. This song is about NLE Choppa’s journey to where he is now and is one of the better lyrics of the album, despite it having the same flow as the rest of it as well. 

“Me vs. Me” started off great and ended alright, with a lot of bad songs sandwiched in between. Although it is not different from his other albums that have also done this in the past, it would have been nice to receive a great album through and through. Much of the bad in the album is from NLE Choppa’s overuse of his signature flow alongside lyrics that are just not good. Overall, it’s an album you might catch yourself hearing from time to time, but it is most likely going to be a cherry picking type album with fans only listening to their favorites of the album while ignoring the bad.