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A must-see concert: Mom Rock at The Crocodile

Mom Rock honors early 2000s pop punk and indie in their wild live shows

Starting off their first West Coast tour with a bang at historic clubs like Los Angeles’ “The Troubadour,” Mom Rock is on their way to Seattle. Holding the value of playing all-ages shows, their upcoming show at the Crocodile is guaranteed to be loud and filled with parkour-adjacent antics. 

The young, Los Angeles-based band honors the genre of “dad rock” in their name, citing a range of influences including Catfish and the Bottlemen, Steely Dan, Talking Heads, Bleachers and – jokingly – The Wiggles. While they have an eclectic mix of influences, Mom Rock describes their sound as somewhere between indie rock and power pop. With earlier songs like their hit, “Grand Romantic Life,” that honor early 2000s pop punk and newer acoustic songs like “if i had better friends” that sound like lush, indie-pop, they are excited to record more in the future as their songs evolve, both lyrically and musically. However, the defined Mom Rock sound made up of nostalgia and great tones is retained in new songs and even further amplified live.

In the interview, they described their shows as everything from spilled beer to torn ACL’s – surprisingly, from a fan jumping too hard to one of their Taylor Swift covers. Mom Rock has an energetic stage presence and feeds off of an active crowd, where they have been testing unreleased singles like “Cruiser” and “IDK.” Greatly looking forward to playing more historic clubs like The Crocodile, Seattle audiences can expect an amped-up show with a wide range of Mom Rock’s discography. Eager to meet Seattle and Tacoma fans, the band says “we love you, we will kiss you all on the mouth post-COVID.”

The band is proudly independent and DIY, releasing singles and EP’s themselves through Spotify and Apple Music. Follow the band’s social media, @momrockofficial on Instagram and Twitter, to stay up to date on new tour dates and singles. 

Go check out their show at The Crocodile on Thursday, January 13th, where they’ll be opening for The Unlikely Candidates. Tickets are $18 and COVID regulations apply.