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What’s new in Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s new album

“An Evening With Silk Sonic” is Bruno Mars’ long awaited collaboration album.

With the release of the album’s lead single, “Leave The Door Open,” fans have waited for Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s next song. They did not have to wait long as before the release of the full album on Nov. 12, Mars and .Paak had released two more singles, “Skate” and “Smokin’ Out The Window,” to keep fans excited for what’s to come. 

The release of the album has given fans six new tracks to listen to, one of which is the album’s intro, which is titled “Silk Sonic Intro.” This sets up the rest of the tracks as it has Bootsy Collins, the host, introduce us to the band Silk Sonic.

Speaking of Bootsy Collins, he is featured in the song “After Last Night,” which is a slower song that features another great musician, Thundercat. This collaboration is one that has spread the love for soul, which emphasises on vocals and delivery, as fans of Thundercat and Bootsy Collins can enjoy their music alongside Mars and .Paak.

“Fly As Me” is one of the upbeat songs in Mars and .Paak’s album. Out of all the songs in the album, “Fly As Me” has one of the more groovy vibes, giving fans the urge to just sing and dance along. It is one of the more finger-snapping, shoulder-popping-inducing songs in the album, and it proves to be one of my personal favorites the group released.

“Put On A Smile” is the song that puts the soul in the genre R&B/Soul that the album portrays. It is a song about a man who lost their special someone and is stuck with problems of the past. It shows that not everyone can put up a perfect act and keep the smile up, sometimes you can’t help but shed a tear and cry. 

“777” is another of the upbeat songs in the album. It is about gambling and having a good night through the hardships of being intoxicated. Though not everyone has good relations with gambling, Mars succeeds by the end of the song and makes it a fun listen.

“Blast Off” is the final song and does a great job concluding the album. It is a good feeling song that describes what Mars and .Paak felt finishing up the album. 

Overall, “An Evening with Silk Sonic” started off great with the three singles they released prior to the full album, and with the release of the rest of the songs, it just feels complete. Although the newer songs aren’t gaining as much traction as “Leave The Door Open” and “Smokin’ Out The Window,” it does not take away from the quality of Mars and .Paak’s work in their collaboration. This album is something that fans of Bruno Mars will enjoy, as well as keep them waiting for what’s to come in the future.