Bubbles Tea Shop

A small family-owned business on campus.

Are you looking for a place to come and get a delicious drink between your classes? There are so many options at Bubbles, the Tea Shop right here on campus. Nga Hamada, from Bubbles, was able to take the time and chat with the Ledger about what Bubbles has to offer. 

Bubbles is located right here on campus, right below the Russell T. Joy building. Their address is 1724 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA. 

“My sister, Ngoc Elaydo, and I opened the business ourselves, so we could leave the corporate world. We wanted to build something small for ourselves and our families,” Hamada says. 

Bubbles is completely family owned and operated. 

“As of right now our mom, Anh Morasch, has taken over and runs the shop daily. My sister and I have taken a step back to raise our little ones at home. If you happen to visit Bubbles, myself, my mom, my oldest son, or my oldest niece will be the ones serving you. You will always see a familiar face and recieve sincere service. People often refer to my mom as ‘mom,’” Hamada says.

Bubbles has hot and cold tea options, as well as some delicious bakery items to try.

Hamada stated that, “We have a crazy amount of drink combinations on our menu. Some of our most popular drinks are House Signature Milk Tea, Taro Hot Milk Tea, Thai Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Lychee Green Tea, and our Taro Smoothie. Students love to order a Blueberry or Poppy Seed muffin to go with their drinks.” 

Bubble’s dining room is currently closed due to COVID and the limited space that they have. Pre-pandemic, students used to fill the tables to study or just to visit between classes. 

“Hopefully we are able to get back to that sooner, rather than later,” Hamada says.

Bubbles is currently open Monday through Saturday, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

If you have a chance, please stop by while on campus, or just in the neighborhood, and support this small family owned business.