Get the tea on sick remedies

Something that is so simple can bring so much comfort during a time of discomfort.

Cold season is among us and with everyone going back to in-person school, the amount of people feeling under the weather is rising. With being sick comes the question of what is going to help me feel better quicker? Drinking tea can be super helpful and beneficial when you are sick.The warm tea itself can help soothe and open your chest up, but the type of tea is also important. 

Peppermint tea

This tea helps when having a cough and congestion. The menthol from the peppermint leaves helps give the same relief as a cough drop, and also helps with opening your lungs and sinuses. Peppermint tea can also help decrease pain, inflammation and body aches. 

Chamomile tea

This soothing blend helps you feel sleepy and has anti-inflammatory properties. This can be very helpful while sick since trying to sleep while having a cold can be one of the most challenging parts of being ill. Many of these teas include lavender which also helps in aiding in sleep. 

Ginger tea

Not only does ginger tea help when having a sore throat and soothe it, ginger tea will also help when feeling nauseous as well. Since ginger can be very strong, it can also help with clearing sinuses and giving a moment of relief. Many ginger teas are mixed with things like cinnamon or lemongrass which are both helpful with being under the weather as well. 


A flower-based tea that is best used when feeling an oncoming sickness. It has been found that this flower can help the immune system because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Green tea

This tea has a lot of benefits already but when it comes to illness the antioxidants in the tea help with the battle in your body. An additional plus to green tea is that it comes in many different flavors like peppermint and ginger, giving you the boost of both teas in one. 

Hibiscus tea

Another herbal flower based plant that is filled with antioxidants but also is filled with vitamin C and iron. This tea helps with fighting the bacteria and in turn helps you get over the sickness quicker. 

Adding honey to any of these will cause a soothing coating which can relieve irritation from coughing. Adding lemon to tea can also be beneficial since it does have vitamin C. Personally, I really like peppermint tea with lemon and honey. It sounds like a weird mixture but it does wonders and it is a simpler version of the Starbucks medicine ball. Another go to for me is an orange cinnamon tea which not only helps open the chest with the cinnamon and other spices but the orange helps balance those spices.