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New office space with The Ledger!

With many offices moving around campus, why not have Tahoma West move as well?

As the new school year begins, many returning students will notice that some offices have changed locations since the last time they were on campus. This includes UWT’s literary arts journal Tahoma West who has moved their office space to MAT 151, which is the same office space as The Ledger.

Tahoma West is the school’s literary arts journal that accepts current students, alumni, faculty and staff to submit writing like fiction, nonfiction and poetry , and visual arts. The journal has been on campus since 1996-the same amount of time that UWT has been open. The journal helps keep record of what was going on in personal lives or in the world during that school year. It also includes students expressing themselves through art. If you are more interested in the history of Tahoma West, it will be on the new website at the beginning of the school year.

MAT 108, the previous office space for Tahoma West, will “likely be repurposed as admissions sees fit.” speculated Daniel Nash who is the faculty advisor for both the Ledger and Tahoma West. 

 “It’s a fairly natural pairing of programs,” Nash stated when asked about sharing the office space that there, “will be a learning curve, but Tahoma West used to borrow the Ledger’s Adobe software-loaded computers for book layout, and now they won’t have to travel to use that resource.”

“My pie-in-the-sky dream is to found a publishing resource center where students can learn how to edit and design a book or periodical—how to revise a manuscript, set type, lay out pages, illustrate, obtain ISBNs for distribution, select printing materials or optimize for digital distribution, etc.,” Nash replied when asked about the future of Tahoma West, explaining that this is based on the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Publishing Lab. 

Nash continued with “If that ever happens—and who knows if it ever will, this is all a daydream on my part—it would make sense for Tahoma West to base itself in that space.”

When asked about important dates when it comes to Tahoma West, there have not been events planned yet but there will be in the near future. The most important date is the deadline to submit, which is March 25 at 11:59 pm.