UWT Study Abroads plans for 2021’s program in China.

Study Abroad program directors fielded questions concerning the future of the Chinese program.

UW Tacoma’s Study Abroad hosted an “Ask Me Anything” on their Instagram page with one of their professors, Mary Hanneman, leading the program to focus on their plans to bring students to China during the summer of 2021. The event, which happened on Nov. 18, also helped to answer questions concerning past, along with future, trips that Study Abroad is planning and how COVID-19 is impacting these plans. Study Abroad Manager Courtney Kroll answered some questions regarding the recent trips and the classes being offered to students. 

“I believe this is the 12th or 13th time the China: Past and Present study abroad program has taken place,” Kroll said. “Generally, the program courses remain the same every year but the locations change and the content is tailored to fit the culture, history, etc. of the cities the students visit. In the past students have studied both in mainland China and in Taiwan or Hong Kong.”

Kroll stated the classes being offered this summer include THIST 215: Global 20th Century History, TPHIL 315: Chinese Religion and Philosophy and TIAS 480: Experiencing China, as well as an optional Chinese language course. 

Similar questions were asked of Hanneman and Kroll during the Instagram Live event, but both gave answers to a wider spread of questions as well as providing information about themselves. 

Hanneman has led upwards of a dozen study abroad trips, but the China Program is unique in UWT’s partnership with Tacoma Community College, where their program lead Yi Li teaches. 

There were a handful of different subjects Hanneman and Kroll touched on, but one of the most important topics revolved around the financial side of study abroad.

“Don’t let the dollar signs make you say ‘no that’s not for me,’” Hanneman said. “There’s no better time to travel than during your school years and there are so many financial aid opportunities.” 

Hanneman made note of the handful of scholarships available to students on their website, as well as a handful of online meetings focusing on the subject. 

Hanneman also asked students to just apply, even if they are not sold on the trip.

“Go ahead and apply, and you’ll have the option open,” Hanneman said. “You can always have a spot and cancel later.”

Kroll also noted that there are usually only 18 to 22 openings in the program itself, and echoed the same sentiment that students should hop on if they are just considering it and will have the ability to cancel later.

If you are interested in applying for the program in China, check out UWT’s Office of Global Affairs website at for information on application and financial aid as well as important dates and deadlines.