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Fantasy football tips for your playoff push

As we approach the fantasy football playoffs, here are some tips I can offer to give you a better chance at winning it all.

It is hard to believe that we are over halfway through the NFL season in a year with so much uncertainty. It is a huge accomplishment that the league has made it to this point and has also made it possible for all of us to satisfy our fantasy football addiction. 

Most standard leagues are not just four weeks out from the beginning of playoffs and some of you may be on the verge of a spot to win your league championship. To help out, I am going to answer some of the important questions heading into the final stretch that will hopefully help you take home that trophy. 

Can Josh Allen be trusted moving forward?

Wow, what a hot start Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen had to the season averaging almost 30 points in the first four weeks. However, as he has since averaged a measly 15 points in the four weeks that followed, it seems as if teams have begun to figure out the third-year QB. 

Until he shows us that those four weeks were not a fluke and he gets back to his elite play, then I would suggest benching him if you have another viable option. Rookie QBs Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert have burst onto the scene as legitimate starters and can be great replacements for players like Allen. However,  with his legs as weapons and his ability to rack up points on the ground, Allen can always be a solid play if you do not have another solid option. 

What happened to Ezekiel Elliot?

Well, if you were like me and drafted Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot in five of your six leagues, then you’re likely very unhappy with his performance this season. He only has two games over 20 points and has scored less than five in the last three of his four contests. Even more so, he has not rushed for over 100 yards once this season — something he did seven times in 2019. 

The Cowboys are in total shambles; it is not a good environment for any player to succeed at the moment. Personally, I am attempting to trade Zeke away and I would suggest you do the same, especially if he continues to underperform. Since he is still a big name in the fantasy universe you could still get a decent return. 

What players should you go after in a trade?

A trade can make or break a fantasy football season and adding one impact player can get you over the hurdle to win your championship. One player that I love moving forward that shouldn’t come at a hefty price to acquire is Washington running back Antonio Gibson. 

Gibson had been quiet most of the year thus far but recently broke out in week seven versus Dallas where he ran for 128 yards and a touchdown. The rookie seems to be finding his stride. I would go after him in a trade before he becomes too valuable. 

One more player to watch to try and make a deal for is Philadelphia Eagles running back Miles Sanders. Sanders has disappointed fantasy owners thus far by underperforming and having injury issues for most of the year. However, before his most recent injury, he scored a combined total of 33 points in two weeks and once he is healthy again I expect him to build off of these performances. 

How to handle your tight end situation:

This season has emphasized the importance of drafting an elite tight end considering it gives your team an advantage over ones who waited until later in the draft to pick one up. Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce, who currently has 20 more points than the next best, is clearly at the top of the position group. 

With star 49ers tight end George Kittle now out for eight weeks, the list has become even smaller for tight ends to target in a trade. One name to keep an eye on however is Detroit Lions tight end TJ Hockenson. Hockenson has racked up a total of 12 catches in his last two weeks and seems to be a big part of the Lions offensive attack moving forward. 

Final Thoughts

I cannot place more stress on the importance of running backs nowadays. With the amount of teams throwing the ball, the number of running backs getting a high number of carries per game is at an all-time low. If someone ever offers you one of the few who are actually getting touches, I say take it.