An update on the Milgard Success Center

Information you need to know regarding the Milgard Success Center.

The Milgard Success Center, associated with the Milgard School of Business, works with students to determine their career paths starting early in their college experience. An event highlighting the Milgard Success Center was hosted by the Success Center’s panel on Oct. 28. This meeting also served as the first event to kick off the center’s new alumni office. Shannon Thompson, the project manager for the new upcoming Milgard building, shared some information regarding the progress. 

The event was held by the Dean of the Milgard School of Business, Altaf Merchant, and the goal of the meeting was to “maintain relationships with alumni and to further nurture the connections and bonds with students.” 

According to their website, the Collaboration portion of their Code of Conduct states, “Milgard faculty and staff recognize that we are at our best and strongest when we perform as a team. We believe that together we can achieve far greater things than we can individually.”

For the rest of this meeting, six alumni recounted their experiences using the Success Center and how resources from the center advanced their careers following graduation. They went on to further discuss the resources available in the Success Center and how these can be utilized to to further career development. 

The Milgard School of Business earned accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business in 2011. The school later went on to gain accreditation in 2016 following the Continuous Improvement Review conducted in 2015, as determined by the Board of Directors of AACSB International.

As stated on their website, “Only 633 schools of business, or less than 5% worldwide, have earned this distinguished hallmark of excellence in management education.”

UW Tacoma plans to construct a new academic building for the School of Business. The building, Milgard Hall, originally started development as the Academic Innovation Building and is now planned to help host new programs and serve as another central area for students, faculty and staff to come together. These plans also include the implementation of more classrooms along with a lab within the building.

“We’re just finishing up project definition and are in the phases of design,” said Shannon Thompson, the project manager for the building.

The new building is a design-build project. The team is currently working on defining the programming and target building size as well as the location of the building. The project definition report is currently being reviewed by the Design Build team. After the revision, the report will be sent out to the Project Executive Committee for review, then the draft review will be published before moving forward.