Life is short, believe in yourself.

Life is too short. We don’t know when we could die nor in what situations, as each one could be our last. That being said, we shouldn’t live every second in fear.

Oftentimes we have a list of plans for the future, a bucket list of places we want to visit and experiences we want to have before it’s all over. Sometimes we put these things off or wait until a certain event happens in our lives to do them. “I’ll wait until I graduate and am one year into my job,” “I’ll wait until I am accepted into this position,” “ I want to earn this much until I travel” and many more of these thoughts that swirl in our heads. 

These thoughts, while sometimes good for prioritizing the present, they also hold the capacity to overtake us; we doubt ourselves, think that we can’t travel or try a new experience because we’ve not yet reached that stage of our lives.

We sometimes limit ourselves … “When I graduate I will become this,” “I will have this job by the end of this year,” “ I will earn this much at this age.” We put a timestamp on life events that are supposed to come organically. These thoughts are normal but, sometimes, they can be toxic. Life doesn’t always work out the way we want to and that’s okay because it turns us into a stronger version of ourselves.

In the age of this pandemic, we may be stressing or accepting more of the situation and how it may have put a constraint on our life plans. This pandemic has affected us and millions of people in unprecedented ways. People are learning day by day on how to safely work around this pandemic to still live a healthy and happy life. And we can too.

Only you know what’s best for you. If you know what’s important to prioritize right now without worrying about the future or stressing about the past, then you know what’s the best plan for your own life. This next year may be filled with unexpected events. We don’t know what tomorrow nor the next hour, minute or second holds. 
This pandemic may have made a lot of us realize the amount of time we have spent living in fear of taking chances due to the uncertainty of the outcome. Maybe we used to have a lot of distrust in ourselves in making the best decision or maybe we had too much trust in what we know the future might hold. Maybe that’s why we turn down the many things that could have been opportunities.

But it’s not too late. Yes, we don’t know what the future holds or what will take place in our lives in the next year. But what we do know is that we are living now in the present. We can make decisions based on our current situation and understand what we need to prioritize.

Take initiative. Start your new hornet in life by making a list of priorities that are most significant  whether it be school, work, mental health, relationships or something else. This way you can know what the most important thing is to focus on rather than dwelling on an unpredictable future. Live and love your life to the fullest in the safest, most caring way possible.