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Music for your summer needs

By Ella Lucente


Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer came out with their fourth album, “Calm,” earlier this year. In perfect timing, the album released during the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, which allowed fans and pop-rock music lovers alike to enjoy their catchy songs during a time of uncertainty. With hits such as “Youngblood,” “Easier” and “No Shame,” the 5SOS fandom are anxiously waiting for news on their “No Shame 2020 Tour,” in hopes that the outbreak would have subsided before the tour hits the United States. 

If you are a fan of catchy pop music and dance hits, take a chance on 5SOS and add their new and older songs — “She Looks so Perfect” and “Heartbreak Girl” from their 2014 album “5 Seconds of Summer” is iconic — to your summer playlist!

By Andrea Nadal


Earlier this year Halsey came out with her third studio album titled “Manic.” Diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 17, the songs on this album were written during a manic phase, and as such reflect that state of mind. While her past albums have been written during depressive phases, she describes this album as “literally just, like, whatever the f— I felt like making … ” in an interview with Rolling Stones.

With the Pandemic looming over our heads and the feeling of uncertainty around when quarantine will be lifted, those of us suffering from mental illness already are at an increased risk for worsening mental health issues. With this understanding, I think Manic is the perfect summer album to blast during this pandemic. With songs like “929” and “Ashley,” which are deeply personal and heavily relatable to anyone who struggles with mental illness. To songs like “Still learning”, and “Forever…(is a long time),” which are focused around recognizing our faults and coming to terms with them. This album is not only fun, musically and lyrically incredible,  but it’s also full of stories that bring meaning and understanding to mental illness and how it is experienced.

“You’ll Be Fine”
By Talia Collett


Hot Mulligan, the emo pop-punk band formed in 2014 out of Lansing, Michigan, released their 11-song sophomore LP back in early March. As one of their strongest albums to date, this set offers listeners a diverse array of lyrics and rhythms that easily separate one song from the next. From softly sung to fully screamed vocals, “You’ll Be Fine” provides raw, emotional and evocative lyrics easily relatable to many individuals today. 

Being together for over six years now, the five-piece band shows their maturity and progression with this album that provides the perfect balance of intensity and emotion that will leave you wanting to scream along whether it be your first or hundredth listen — some of my favorites to scream along to include “BCKYRD,” “We’re Gonna Make It to Kilby!” and “*Equip Sunglasses*.” The name “You’ll Be Fine” hails from the uncertainty of the future and the tendency of children to be told “you’ll be fine” as you grow up and navigate life. Perfectly in line with the unpredictability of the future in current times and the reality of growing up that coincides with our recent graduating class or incoming freshman.