Announcing your Husky 100 from UWT

This year’s Husky 100 was announced on May 4, and five students from UW Tacoma have been recognized for this honor. Out of the 1,767 applicants and 583 nominations, the five UWT students are Michelle Burchett, Chanel Athena Estrada, Heather Swanson, Sarah B. Smith and Drew Dunston. 

Burchett is an Ethics, Gender, and Labor studies major. She is interested in societal dilemmas such as poverty. She will be graduating this June with her BA and plans to earn her MA at UWT in Community Planning. 

“I am proud to be a Husky 100, to represent a city I have lived in for many years, and am committed to working towards the betterment of our great community,” said Burchett.

Drew Dunston is an Accounting major. He has enjoyed his opportunities at UW Tacoma including the Milgard Case Competition on Social Responsibility. Dunston also serves as the Associated Students of the University of Washington Tacoma Milgard Business Senator.

“My Husky experience has been great because of the many opportunities for growth, the encouragement from mentors and the simple decision to push beyond my comfort zone,” said Dunston for the Husky 100.

Sarah Smith is a Communications and Environmental Science major. In her senior year at UW, she produced a video for the UW school of Oceanography about the Cabled Array as part of the Ocean Observatories Initiative. In the past, she has produced an award winning documentary on climate change, and she currently hosts the UWT’s podcast, Paw’d Defiance. Smith says that she has found her pathin combining the things she loves: science, communications and media production. 

“My time at UW Tacoma has been incredible,” said Smith. “Every ounce of hard work I’ve put in has been rewarded with wonderful opportunities for growth.”  

Heather Swanson has a Masters in Social Work. As a domestic violence survivor, Swanson advocates for other victims through organizations like the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 

“I continue to rise up like a phoenix and open myself up to new opportunities and challenges,” wrote Swanson in her Husky 100 biography.

Chanel Athena Estrada is a Biomedical Science and Gender and Sexuality major. She was nurtured by many communities to flourish. 

“During my time as a Husky, carrying the weight of my ancestral blood,” said Estrada in her biography. “I unapologetically challenge the intersectional barriers preventing at risk youth, people of color, queer folks and women from succeeding in higher education.”  

Congratulations to all of the Husky 100 winners who are making their most out of their UW experience, and interacting and shaping their communities — especially the UWT community — for the better.

UWT’s Husky 100 Ppctured left to right: Chanel Athena Estrada, Heather Swanson, Michelle Burchett, Sarah B. Smith, and Drew Dunston.