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5 YouTube channels all about comedy

Comedy can be the best form of medicine when times get rough, but with being in quarantine for close to two months, people have likely watched all of their favorite comedic TV shows and movies. Thankfully, there are other options available that offer comedic relief and YouTube provides a wide range of different channels that will keep you entertained, at least for the next few days.

Good Mythical Morning

A daily morning show with hosts Rhett and Link brings viewers a wide range of videos every week. From their “Will It” segment of trying different ways of making foods — where they once ate a blood taco — they also have “where in the world do these international foods come from” that consists of them trying food from all over the world and guessing their places of origin by throwing darts at a map, which Link is not the best at doing. Not only this, but they do more than just food, they often try out different products and try to guess the prices. In all of these videos and throughout their shows, the two never fail to bring a form of comedy. With everything going on they changed the days of when they air the show from Monday through Friday to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They also have “Good Mythical More” which is the second part of GMM, a podcast called “Ear Biscuits” with new episodes on Sundays, “Rhett & Link” vlogs and “Good Mythical Kitchen.”

Chelcie Lynn

Best known for her “Tammy” videos that went viral on Vine, Chelcie Lynn is now bringing longer “Tammy” skits to the platform along with her own personal videos. The “Tammy” videos consist of hilarious takes on muckbangs — videos where people eat in front of a camera. She has a trashy mouth but that is just the character and after a couple of “Tammy” videos you will be craving more and more. Chelcie also produces personal videos that consist of mail time and answering questions with her husband or sisters. If you’ve loved “Tammy” since vines, you will certainly love Chelcie just as much.

Shane Dawson

Shane has been a part of the YouTube world since the beginning, and if you want to just start from the beginning you can but the most recent years have been his best videos yet. He documented his time partnering with Jeffree Star to cover the drama that goes on behind closed doors in the beauty world. Not only this but he has also done conspiracy theory videos — all super interesting and sometimes creepy — and some of his older videos contain random activities like trying weird food from fast food restaurants and putting things in microwaves that don’t belong.

Alonzo Lerone

You may have seen his popular videos on Facebook reading over kids’ notes to their parents, but he has so much more than these. He looks at Wendy’s tweets — where people tweet the restaurant and get super hilarious replies back — and if a big meme starts to go around he will create a video trying to analyze them — more often than not, he doesn’t understand them at all. Most recently, he has done food videos of him following instructions of kids or eating crazy flavored food that results in priceless reactions.