Why staying home is crucial

The Coronavirus has spread rapidly through different countries and now within states of the US Washington was the first state in America to have a Coronavirus death, according to Vox. Gov. Jay Inslee issued for the people of Washington to stay home and shut down restaurants from dining inside and public events with a large capacity of people.

This has taken a big toll on many people, as many universities and schools have closed and classes have to be held in an online format. This is especially hard for people who do not have access to the Internet within their homes or computers to use. Also, a lot of places have closed down until further notice and flights have been canceled.

It is crucial for everybody to stay within their homes if they don’t need to go grocery shopping, have health problems, or must go to a job that is currently considered to be essential. Exercise is still encouraged as long as people keep a certain amount of distance between each other — 6 feet at all times.

What started out as a virus in Wuhan, China has now occupied most countries in the world. Unfortunately, people with ethnic Asian backgrounds are subject to intentional and unintentional racism. This includes people using derogatory terms such as “Chinese virus.”
Keep in mind this virus has nothing to do with ethnicity.

Although this virus has a higher estimate of deaths toward people who are relatively elder, that does not mean that people such as children, teenagers or young adults will not catch it. So buying that $100 ticket to another country for a weekend getaway is definitely not a good idea. 
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, symptoms after exposure start to occur within 2 to 14 days. This means if a person does not have the symptoms yet, they don’t know that they have the virus, and if they don’t practice social distancing and continue to go outside and interact with numerous people, that is many more people who could potentially catch the virus.

Age or good health is not a guarantee that a person won’t catch the virus. The probability of catching the virus is uncertain, so playing it safe and staying home is the best option. Living with the guilt of unintentionally giving somebody the virus and having them become immensely sick or in worse cases die, is a pang of guilt that nobody wants to live with.

So what if we do not get to see our friends for the next month or we miss a wedding or we can’t go to that concert that we bought tickets for. Your health and safety, as well as the safety of others, is the most important thing that we should be thinking of.

Play it safe, stay home.