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Grey’s Anatomy Fans say goodbye to Dr. Alex Karav


Greys Anatomy has been on ABC since 2005 and is currently in its 16th season, and as fans, we have watched characters come and go. The show follows new interns Meradith Grey, Chirstina Yang, Izzie Stephens, George O’Malley, and Alex Karav. We have watched these characters grow and learn from their mistakes. We watched Izzie go through brain cancer and move on, for the death of George, Yang leaving for bigger things, and then we were left with Grey and Karav, who became each other’s person. 

Alex Karav has grown the most from growing up in a bad environment, jumping from foster home to foster home, being called “evil spawn” to being arrested to being head of the pediatrics department. He has grown from being in a relationship with every nurse and interns that he could until he met Jo an intern, and they have an off and on relationship but in the end get married. The two of them go through ups and downs during their marriage with Jo going into a mental hospital due to her depression. That brings us to what is happening currently Jo is back to work and Alex went to visit his mother in Iowa, which later we learn that wasn’t the case. 

In episode 16 of season 16, we learn what happened to Alex and what in the world is going on with him. Before the first commercial into the show, we learn that Alex is in Kentucky and that he is now living with Izzie and their two kids, yes there two kids since Izzie had cancer and the radiation would kill her eggs, so Alex and her made embryos since they were engaged at that time. Alex sends letters to four people explaining why he did this and how this happened. When Meridith was fighting for her medical license Alex contacted many people for letters explaining how great of a doctor Meradith is, and one person he called was Izzie and one thing led to another.  He explained that he still loves Jo but Kentucky is where he needs to be, giving his kids the family that he never had. He sent Jo divorice papers with her letter saying that he will always love her and that she will continue to do great things, but he needs to do this for his kids. 

Many fans are upset by this departure of such a beloved character that we have grown with for 16 seasons, it is almost as if he went back to his old ways of jumping from one chick to another except now its worse since he was married. Everything that Alex has overcome has now gone down the drain because of this one action. But instead of blaming the character why not blame the writer Shonda, there were so many different ways that she could have taken his story line. In a way it would have almost been better if he died on his way too Iowa to visit his mother. Why did Shonda have to bring in a past love interest that left him in the first place and left. Why have a character leave in such a controversial way when Shonda could have just killed him off like every other character on the show? Let’s stop blaming the character and put blame on the person who writes the show.