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Get your paint on at a Sip and Paint

Located in University Place, Art Studio 27 is a quaint art studio comprised of two long tables filled with canvases and stands. With walls covered in paints, the atmosphere leaves you wanting to come back for more. 

 Art Studio 27 welcomes all skill levels from beginner to expert. After getting your drink of choice — whether it be wine, coffee, tea or water — the painting begins with step by step instructions. While sometimes it may seem that the instructor is going a little fast, this is only so they can walk around and help the painters if needed. 

The instructor doesn’t want to paint for you, instead they give you one-on-one tips on how to achieve the part you are having issues with. It consists of people cracking jokes and, at times ,rendering the whole place into uncontrollable laughter — especially if you say the famous name “Bob Ross” while painting you have to wear the Bob Ross wig. This studio is all about having fun; it isn’t all seriousness being in the studio. The best part is seeing everyone’s paintings after you’re finished because everyone’s differs from the next even though you all come in for the same piece. 

Art Studio 27 opened six years ago in University Place by owner Angie Capps — Capps teaches sip and paints as well as many other events along with her assistant Melissa McKinney. Even before she thought of opening the studio, Angie had been involved with the arts throughout her whole life. She first realized her potential in her drawing abilities in the second grade, this potential was then recognized by her teacher in fifth grade and continued throughout middle and high school with other art teachers. 

Later, Capps started doing wall murals as a business venture but stuck to doing mostly nurseries. During this time she created a mural in the Subway in Pac. Ave and right by campus. Not only this, but she’s also working on a mural of Tacoma’s history throughout the years which includes UW Tacoma — she even had to get permission from the university to use the well-known “W” in her painting.

Once Art Studio 27 opened, Capps realized how much social media helped bring in clients from all over and that teaching people how to paint touched people’s lives, two things she never expected out of something so small. Capps tells clients that the more you get to know the paint and brushes and the more you keep at it the easier it comes to you.

While Capps’ sip and paints are strictly 21+, she has branched out to offer more events that cater to all ages, such as Teen Open Studio, Kids Art Club for ages 6 to 8 years-old, art summer camp, birthdays, private classes, watercolor classes, creative art classes consisting of dream collages and holiday wreaths, family nights for all ages, Bob Ross nights, and mobile classes. All of these classes are provided to help people realize that art is important and can be beneficial in one’s life. 

Capps also has future plans for the art studio. She hopes to have mobile classes in the future and wants to host one on the beach or outdoors. Capps held her first mobile class at Chambers Bay, but ran into issues with the sun setting and painting in the dark — which is much more difficult than one would think. 

Not only this, but with schools cutting back on the arts, she also wants to keep teaching kids and teen art classes because she feels that the arts are very important to have available to them and she wants to be able to give kids the opportunity of that experience. Capps would also love to hold toddler classes to give young children the opportunity to experience art without having parents stress about the aftermath that comes with the majority of art projects. If you ever want to try painting for the first time, a sip and paint is a great place to start.
If you are interested in participating in a sip and paint at Art Studio 27 you can follow them on Facebook at Art Studio 27 and look at past events. They also have Instagram at @artstudio27 or you can visit their website at and subscribe to the email newsletter for information on future events.