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The all-female power quartet Chastity Belt comes to Tacoma

First formed back in 2010 in Walla Walla Washington, Chastity Belt is an all-female quartet now residing in Seattle. After a seemingly long hiatus following their previous album release back in June of 2017, Chastity Belt dropped a new album in Sep. 2019 — most recently they collaborated with the Australian band Loose Tooth on Jan. 31 for the release of their new single “The Process.”

Since then, Chastity Belt and Loose Tooth were set to take their music — new as well as old — on the road to tour the West Coast and southern states. Packed with excited fans of all ages, Fawcett Hall was cleared of most of its tables and chairs in order to make room for the crowd turnout.

Unfortunately, after releasing their split single “Lonely” in collaboration with Chastity Belt on Jan. 31, Loose Tooth was unable to make the tour this time around. Etta Curry who claimed drums and vocals, bass, vocals, guitar and keys by Luc Dawson, and Nellie Jackson on guitar and vocals formed the group back in Melbourne in 2012 and classify their music as “haunting garage pop.” Due to personal reasons, the band needed to back out of the tour last minute.

Despite this setback, Chastity Belt still brought their music to the stage as the solo act of the evening. Playing together for roughly 10 years, Julia Shapiro plays vocals, guitar, and drums, Lydia Lund with her vocals and guitar, and Gretchen Grimm on drums, vocals, and guitar are currently represented by Hardly Art!, Milk! Records, and Help Yourself. The group writes their music in conjunction with their experiences navigating life as friends and individuals. Experimenting throughout the years, the four also document and express whatever they feel in the moment and play homage to feminism in their writing and performances, as well.

The Seattle outfit’s music fills the room to the brim. Classified as an alternative genre with rock n’ roll accents, the group brings in inspiration from early Pacific Northwest indie rock bands. With powerful yet ethereal vocals accompanied by hypnotic guitar notes, rhythmic beating drums, and deep melodic bass riffs, Chastity Belt’s set list encompassed the venue. The lighting was set to match, switching between deep reds, purples and blues to maintain the ambiance.

The atmospheric music writhed throughout the room and ushered most of its audience into dance. The group played for roughly an hour and opted to perform some newer releases such as “Caught in a Lie,” “It Takes Time” and “Drown.” But they couldn’t end the night without implementing a few old favorites for the audience as well, notably “Time to Go Home” and ending in an encore with their famed and popular oldie “Cool Slut.”

The all-female group will continue their tour until the end of February where they’ll return to Seattle on Feb. 28 accompanied by “Versing” for a show likely to be unmissed.

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Seattle based Chasity Belt played in Tacoma on Feb. 4.