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Super Bowl entertainment taken over by Latina women

When it comes to football, everyone thinks of it as a predominantly male sport, but when it comes to the Superbowl LIV, all of the performers were female giving them a little in during this big day about male athletes.

National Anthem 

Demi Lovato blew everyone away with her performance of the National Anthem — it was absolutely beautiful. She has been through so much in her life from depression, self harm, eating disorders, drugs — almost overdosing in 2018 — and speaking out about her struggles which could have ruined her career. For her to have the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at the Superbowl is both a huge step and a wonderful way to progress her career.

Halftime Show

With the responsibility of performing a Superbowl halftime show, the chosen artist has to concern themselves with absolute perfection — especially since millions of people are watching. . During this year’s show , Shakiras performance left the audience questioning if her vocals were truly genuine. In other words, was she lip syncing for the entirety of her set?. When the audience is solely focused on this question,  t, it takes away from the performers talents. Focusing on this one thing, you can’t expect Shakira to dance the way she does as well as sing at the same time. But all in all, her performance was excellent and showed everyone what she does best — dancing and hitting those high notes.

When it came to Jennifer Lopez, she also killed it. She did do less dancing, so she was able to sing live more when compared to Shakira. She balanced her performance with parts where she showed off her dancing abilities without singing. This technique works better since Lopez was able to give the audience the live music and dancing she is known for.

One of the big moments was when they had kids sing “Let’s Get Loud” while also being in cages —a big political stand against what is happening at the border in ICE facilities. The half time show was a good place to do this with such a wide audience, a perfect way to remind people that this is still happening. Then the two artists came together with the kids at the end singing — one being the daughter of Lopez — and dancing along, showing off their Latina culture in dance.

The one issue with the performance is how both were dressed. Sure that is what they are known for wearing, but why do we have to sexualize women artists when they are on stage? Why is it they go on stage and show their talent with no clothes on and being overly sexual? You never see male performers having to wear overly sexualized outfits, and even if they do, that usually means they don’t have a shirt on which is socially acceptable and not abnormal to see.

The women in the Superbowl stole the show.