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Ending ‘Veganuary’ with Tacoma’s first monthly vegan mini market

What better way to end “Veganuary” than by attending a local vegan mini market? Jan. 26 debuted Tacoma’s first Vegan Mini Market to be offered monthly. Located on 612 Tacoma Ave. S. in Suite A, Organically Grown Muscle Gym will be hosting the local market on the last Sunday of every month between 12:30 and 3:30 p.m.

Owner and founder of Organically Grown Muscle Gym, Anthony Creighton, decided to start his own business that stems from his love of “helping people find a direct way to feel better about themselves without no gimmicks, fake supplements, quick fixes, and so forth.”  

Ranging from approximately six to ten vendors that have the potential to cycle as time moves forward, the market provides a welcoming environment that encourages both vegans and non-vegans alike to attend and be a part of the community.

The first market consisted of five local vendors extending from homemade, natural soaps to different kinds of vegan foods and treats. Here’s a sneak peek at what the market had to offer:

Love Your Belly Foods is a local, family owned and operated business that provides healthy and organic vegan, gluten-free and fair trade snacks. Love Your Belly donates 3% of their earnings to a local non-profit animal sanctuary and not only this, but all products are packaged in containers that are labeled as compostable as well.

Vegan Candle Co. — a Seattle based company created by Sean and Christopher — brought their business accommodating vegan lifestyle into Tacoma. Creating naturally and domestically sourced candles made from vegan soy wax, the two also utilize reusable containers from recycled materials and, if ordered from, packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable as well.

“We want to offer the best clean and vegan candles we can,” said Sean and Christopher, “and we’re always pursuing new ways to make our product better and lessen our impact on the environment.”

Offering more vegan treats this afternoon was Little Dipper Confections. Little Dipper Confections produces rich and sweet vegan artisan chocolates with a wide range of flavors that vary from toasted sesame caramel to rich orange liqueur truffles, there’s surely a flavor for everyone.

The company is based out of Fircrest and declares that all chocolates are handcrafted and according to their website, is made with four ingredients: “time, attention, love, and care.”

Yet another lifestyle vendor to bring their products to the market was Tacoma’s own Buddhist Moon Soaps. Buddhist Moon has a multitude of different soaps to offer and assures patrons that all products are made with cruelty-free and vegan products. The range of scents varies drastically, extending from a typical lavender scent to more exotic fragrances like “Paris orange.”

In addition to soaps, the company also crafts candles, bath bombs, beard oils and other products that are made from coconut oil, olive oil, essential oils along with other natural ingredients to guarantee toxic free substances for their customers. Furthermore, Love Your Belly Foods wasn’t the only vendor of the day to donate proceeds to a non-profit agency. Buddhist Moon donated 10% of their earnings to Mispits and Friends Rescue for dogs.

The last vendor of the day was another Tacoma local and food business. Adictos a la Salsa uses their family recipe to create and deliver healthy vegan salsas with flavors of sweetness, heat or mildness to please everyone who craves it. 

Creighton now extends this effort outwards to the greater Tacoma community with this monthly vegan mini market. If you’re interested in veganism or local markets and out on the town on the last Sunday of the month, this market is one worth checking out.

Jan. 26 marked the debut of Tacoma’s first monthly vegan mini market.