Recognize women in war stricken areas

In years past in roughly 2015 and 2016, the number of global refugees has escalated due to wars such as the Syrian Civil War. I want to raise recognition of the reality women and children face during the duration of their stay in camps and fleeing their country. 

Amnesty International published an article in 2016 specifically noting what female refugees are forced to experience. The females are required to sleep next to other male refugees and reports were made that the men would watch as the females went to the restroom — the women say they felt safer sleeping on the beach.

Refugee women would also be sexually harassed and assaulted in the European countries they arrived at. Smugglers in Turkey would offer the refugee women inappropriate options, such as a hotel discount in exchange for sexual acts. Police brutality also occurs in some of the European countries refugee women flee to, and the women are put in places under poor conditions with small space. 

Albawaba published an article in 2015 that explains the different problems women face in refugee camps. This ranging from women becoming widows, not having access to menstrual and sanitary products, child marriage, and mental health issues. 

A brave and courageous woman — mother and former civil servant of a district governors office in Turkey named Esma Uludag — fled after the military coup attempt of Turkey and accusations made of her linked to an organization. Uludag fled with her three children, as they crossed the Evros River to be in Greece. In Greece, Uludag passed away from a heart attack. 

According to the Turkey Purge from their article from 2018, three people died and five are missing due to the capsizing of a boat travelling the Evros River. 

Mothers and women are risking their lives for theirs and their children’s safety, to seek refuge and build a new life. Seeing stories such as these are horrifying for any human to go through after already being under the stress imposed on them from having to leave their homes. 

Many organizations hold events such as clothing drives and fundraisers to help the refugee camps with unacceptable conditions.