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New year; new books

A new year brings several exciting things to be released — movies, TV shows, music, concerts, makeup, etc. However, one group of people who are the most excited are the book lovers. People who live inside books are some of the most ecstatic about the new year. Even though numerous books will be released this year, this is a condensed list of just a few to get excited about. 

*Disclaimer: the books in this list are from “Goodreads” and were compiled from public votes. This does not follow the exact rankings from the website. If you would like to see the full 599 ranked books, check out the website.*

“The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”

By Suzanne Collins

Yes, you read that right. The author of “The Hunger Games” is bringing us yet another book. In this book — taking place 64 years before the first game — we will not see our beloved characters from the original series. Instead, we will finally be able to see what life was like in Panem before the Hunger Games began. Release date is May 19, 2020. 


“The Sun Down Motel”

By Simone St. James

This spooky tale takes place in a small town in New York in 1982. Viv — who works the night shift at a motel — quickly realizes that this motel is different than others based off of the supernatural events that are taking place. Release date is Feb. 18, 2020. 


“All Boys Aren’t Blue”

By George M. Johnson

A memoir that compiles stories from Johnson’s life growing  up as a queer black teen. This book tells Johnson’s story to show readers that they can fight for themselves or be an ally in the struggle for equity and equality. The publication is set for winter 2020.


“Eight Perfect Murders”

By Peter Swanson 

This psychological suspense is about bookseller, Mal, who finds himself in the center of an FBI investigation because a killer is using the list he created of the most ingenious murders. Mal takes things into his own hands and sees the suspect in everyone around him. With twist and turns, he gets into a sticky situation that he might not be able to get out of. Release date is Mar. 3, 2020.


“This Is My America”

by Kim Johnson

17 year old Tracy sends letters to Innocent X in order to save her father, an innocent black man, from death row. After sending letters for the past seven years, her dad has only 267 days left and then the unimaginable happens. The cops come looking for her brother — who goes from a promising future to a “thug” killing a white girl. Tracy takes the investigation into her own hands and uncovers history about her home town in Texas that could rip her family apart. Release date is Jul. 28, 2020.