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‘A Christmas Carol’ brings one last Christmas cheer to Pantages Theater

Dec. 21 kicked off 2019’s last Christmas show with Tacoma Arts Live’s, “A Christmas Carol.” Located in the beautiful Pantages theater in the theater district in Downtown Tacoma, the show consisted of fantastic acting, beautiful sets and costumes, and enough holiday cheer to prepare for the holidays. 

The story follows the same initial plot of Dickens classic, however script adapter, director, and actor Scott Severance put his own spin to the tale. While the story follows Scrooge and his journey through past, present, and future, there are intricate new details that are worth spending the ticket costs on. In all, the performance was incredible — Severance’s standing ovation was well-deserved and admirable. His Scrooge gave many others a run for their money, as he had viewers leaving the theater either crying of laughter or happiness. 

With a strong cast, beautiful scenery and being in the iconic Pantages itself, there was little to no flaw with the performance. However, the audience were left with discomfort, especially with their seats. The jewel-box theater is historic, with any renovation made keeping to the original design, leaving the seats cramped. One recommendation for the future of the theater would be to insert spacious seats for comfortability. 

Despite it all, “A Christmas Carol” was one for the books. Being possibly one of the best Christmas shows Tacoma Arts Live has put on besides Tacoma City Ballet’s recurring holiday special “The Nutcracker and the Tale of the Hard Nut,” if you ever get the chance to see this touring group, or anything by Severance, get your ticket and enjoy the night.

“A Christmas Carol” premiered Dec. 21 with two packed shows.