How to destress after finals week

Ready or not — it’s time for finals. As stressful as finals week may be, the bright side is when you finish your exam you won’t have to deal with that class again. Here are some ways in which you can relax successfully after a hard and long autumn quarter: 

First, get rid of all evidence of that class — make it a clean break. If you want to keep your notes for future classes — go ahead, but stash them somewhere your eyes cannot spot for the next few weeks you’ll have to yourself.

Second, clean out your school bag and rearrange your notebooks. Throw that bag in the washer — you won’t need it until winter quarter. Don’t let it be a constant reminder of school. Clean out your desk at home and surround it with your favorite items.

Third, check your calendar and make sure you’re not working so much that you miss out on fun activities. There are many things to do this holiday season such as binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix, drink yummy hot chocolate, read that book that has been eyeing you in the corner of your room, etc.

In order to destress, anything concerning school must be off of your mind. Try going to Lush and buying that new bath bomb or getting your favorite scented candle. This will melt those worries away.

If you are unsure of which events to go to, Facebook has a section in which it posts events near your location that may be of interest to you — whether it’s a winter festival or community event. 

A lot of coffee shops have already prepared for the winter as well, with drinks such pumpkin spice and eggnog. Spend your time adventuring to new coffee shops, and tasting these festive treats. 

No school means more free time essentially, so going down and checking out that locally owned store you always pass by is a good way to pass time and wind down. As the holidays have approached us as well, the festivity of city is here too. 

Going down to your city and checking out the light show and walking down the lit trees on the sidewalk is a peaceful way to feel relaxed after those big exams.