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Tahoma West new quarterly submissions

Many people do not know about the student literary arts journal that we have on campus. There has been some talk going on that the new staff is doing something different this year from previous years, and that starts with the journal having an almost brand-new staff.. Rather than  publishing just one journal at the end of the year, Tahoma West will now accept online publications during autumn and winter quarters to help get students published throughout the year. Many questions were coming up about this new set up with Tahoma West, so the Ledger was able to sit down with Maxine Metzger, Editor-in-Chief of Tahoma West, and gain some insight on what is to hold for the new publications. 

What are the deadlines for the online and printed publications?

Autumn quarter — for online publication —  is Nov. 16, 2019. 

Winter \quarter — for online publication —  is Feb. 22, 2020. 

Spring quarter — for print publication — is March 28, 2020. 

What type of work are Tahoma West accepting for the online works? Just written work or art work as well?

“We accept all four genres — fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art — for publication in both print and online journal. However, our print journal for this year will focus on socially engaged work as opposed to our general format from years past; any work that does not match this theme will be considered for selection to our online publication.”

How do students submit work to the online and printed publication?

“How to submit:  Visit the Tahoma West  website at to view submission guidelines. The page explains what we need from an author or creator looking to submit to our journal, including file types, format requirements, and biographical information. 

Submissions will need to be sent directly to our email address,, where they will undergo a blind submission process of selection and edits by our genre editors.” 

If students work is picked for the online publication, does that mean they can’t be in the printed publication as well or are students able to submit for both the online and printed publication? 

“Creators have the option to select which format to be published in — online or print — when they submit their work. If a piece of work submitted to both formats matches our focus theme for the print journal, the work may be published in both formats. However, this will depend on if the work is submitted before the last deadline for online publication on Feb. 22,2020.”. 

What are you and the rest of the staff of Tahoma West most excited about this year for the publication of the online and printed?

“I am most excited about our theme for the print publication this year: socially engaged art. Due to the significance of society’s current socioeconomic, political, and environmental climates, we want to collect a myriad of work that illustrates individual or collective experiences with a number of social issues, including discrimination — racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, etc —, environmentalism, poverty, immigration, police brutality, homelessness, and mental illness among others. Implementing this theme, we strive to create a stronger sense of interconnectedness in this divisive time through representation and recognition of different perspectives.” 

Why did Tahoma West start the online submissions to go up every quarter?

“Because we decided to focus on one theme for our print publication, we sought to create a space where creators whose art did not match this criteria could be published. We did not want to exclude any creators on our campus from the opportunity to submit their work.” 

Any upcoming events you want to be featured the article?

“Currently, we are brainstorming a pop-up art gallery event for Winter Quarter for visual artists to show their work. We haven’t yet picked a date, so stay tuned!” 

When are the Autumn online works going to be out and how would students be able to view them?

“The Autumn submissions will be published online during Finals Week, from Dec. 9–13. Readers can access these submissions at” 

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