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Jonas Brothers headline the Tacoma Dome with the ‘Happiness Begins’ tour

For longtime fans of the three heartthrobs, the Jonas Brothers’ concert was a chance to live out childhood dreams. 

Originally Disney Channel sensations, the three teenage boys — Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas — performed as a trio, playing catchy, poppy, ‘PG’ rated love songs. They captured the hearts of teenage girls everywhere, between starring in Disney Channel productions such as the movie “Camp Rock,” and their release of music. Between 2005 and 2013, the group produced four studio albums before breaking apart to focus on solo endeavors. 

Early in 2019, though, the band came together once again for the release of their single, “Sucker,” which put them back on the charts, and back on people’s minds. Their fifth album, “Happiness Begins,” was released on June 7. Along with the smashing success of this album, the band embarked on the tour, with opening acts from new artist Jordan McGraw and American singer Bebe Rexha. 

With two talented opening acts, Bebe Rexha really stole the show, inviting an excited fan on stage to dance, interweaving messages of female empowerment, and performing easily recognizable hits, such as a cover of Post Malone’s Billboard hit, “Better Now,” and her own pop hit “Meant to Be.” Fans came away from the performance with a positive mentality, ready to hear their favorite brothers sing. 

The anticipation heavily filled the arena, the crowd going crazy every time they thought they saw somebody coming onto the stage. When the brothers finally descended from the ceiling, the applause was deafening. 

From that point on, the band really focused on and played into the nostalgic aspect of the tour, while bringing the audience up to speed on how the band is angling their appearance for the future. Many old, popular fan favorites were played, as all of the loyal fans — myself included — sang along. Songs such as “SOS” and “Year 3000” caused a chaos of cheers from the audience. The nostalgic songs largely dominated the set list — with only a handful being 2019 releases — notably “Sucker” and “Cool.” The band also partnered together and covered some of the members’ own solo releases. Nick Jonas’ ‘Jealou”’ was performed by the trio, as well as the song “Cake by the Ocean” — sung by the band DNCE, where Joe Jonas was the lead singer between the years 2015 and 2019. 

When all the lights went dark at the end of the concert, many thought the concert was ending and began to head for the doors. The brothers returned for an epic finale — performing their old song “Burnin’ Up,” complete with fire that warmed the whole arena. 

In all, the concert was enjoyable and very feel-good. For dedicated, long-time fans, the night was one of ample nostalgia and the satisfaction of remembering hearing old, loved songs performed live- once again, or maybe for the first time. Newer fans might have been slightly disappointed by not hearing many of the band’s newer releases, however. The concert as a whole felt like a good recap session, bringing everyone up to the latest happenings with the Jonas Brothers. While the tour of nostalgia was nice, it was most refreshing to see the three rebranding themselves in a more grown-up way, while not forgetting their successful beginnings. Fans are at the edge of their seats waiting to see where the Jonas Brothers take things next.