Student Spotlight: ASUWT President Vincent Da

Vincent Da, a Healthcare Leadership major with a minor in Business Administration, was elected as the Associated Students of the University of Washington Tacoma president last year. Da enjoys helping students succeed on campus and hopes to tackle important issues such as food accessibility and housing insecurity.

As president, Da wants to change the current campus atmosphere to a well-engaged campus. He wants to focus on creating campus culture and spirit while tackling other common issues such as food and housing insecurities. He also hopes to expand campus resources and to focus on what it is to be a UW Tacoma Husky. Da says it is not about himself and his presidential title but rather is about his team and their desires for the student body this school year.

“If I make sure that I support and care about my team and set them up for success, then I will feel like I’m accomplished in my presidential term,” said Da. 

Da chose his major in Healthcare Leadership after watching his dad practice selfless service in his day-to-day life as a member of the army. 

“This inspired me to help people in a different way and through my own path,” Da said. 

Da’s own selfless service was what led him to run for ASUWT president. During his college career, he has held many jobs and positions relating to helping students succeed on campus. Last year, he worked at the Center for Equity and Inclusion’s Student Pantry, which provides students in need with food and personal hygiene items. At the same time, he was also a Pack Advisor, a student leader position that  helps new students get connected to student, staff, faculty and the campus. 

Many of Da’s peers saw these connections and passions and encouraged him to run for presidency. One of his peers explained to him that if he becomes ASUWT president, he can influence a lot of positive change on campus and finally Da was pushed to run. 

“The reasons I was hesitant at first for running was that I did not want to leave my team at the Center for Equity & Inclusions,” said Da. 

As a student who has felt the inevitable nervousness and anxiety about starting college, Da wants students to know it is ok to feel like that. He explains that college is all about growth and creating experiences that will help you in your future endeavors. 

Da suggests attending campus activities, volunteering in the community, or getting an internship as some of the many possible opportunities UWT offers for students to engage with the community. 

“My advice is to take opportunities that will help you grow as an individual,” said Da.