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9 best go-to dining around campus

With back-to-school welcoming new and returning students to campus, it’s always good to know the closest places to grab a quick bite, but also knowing which places have student discounts so you can get the best bang for your buck. Here are the 9 best restaurants around campus that will satisfy your hunger and your bank account: 

Savor Creperie 

Savor Creperie — located beneath Cherry Parks — is a local crepe shop that has various types of crepe choices assorting from breakfast, lunch, and sweet. They also have daily baked goods that they make in-house. Savor Creperie have a selection of “grab and go” items, as well as a student and staff discount of 10% off. If that doesn’t get any better, they offer a punch card, where the 10th crepe is free. 

Sam Choys Poke

Sam Choys Poke is a  poke shop that is located by the street entrance of the Joy building. They will be accepting UWT student cards in mid September, and are currently working on making convenient bento plates, made with the students needs in mind.

Than Brother Pho 

The one pho shop that is closest to campus, Than Brother Pho is the best place to go to when you are not feeling well and need a bring me up. Warning: they get super busy during the lunch hour, but are very quick with service. They have reasonable prices to fit within the college student budget, and will keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.

Abella Pizzeria 

Abella’s Pizzeria is a bargain eat, pinpointed at the very end of Pac Ave going towards the Tacoma Dome. During the lunch hour, they sell pizza by the slice for only a couple bucks — which makes this place a quick and easy bite for the busy college student to much on some yummy pizza in between classes. 

Jimmy Johns and Subway 

Competing sandwich vendors Jimmy Johns and Subway are very good sandwich places with their own twist on simple sandwiches. Jimmy Johns does not offer student discounts, however Subway offers a 10% break with proof of Husky ID. These may not be great steals, but look out for coupons or daily sandwich deals — those are worth the patience!


Senergo is a healthier alternative to dining on campus, as it is simply a healthy smoothie shop that has simple fruit smoothies or green smoothies. They also offer healthy food options, such as  wraps and sandwiches. 


Although Starbucks is a student favorite to fuel that coffee addiction, it is one of the many coffee places around campus that do not offer a student discount. However,  if you are a member, you are able to earn free drinks and food items based on the number of points you have. 

Anthem Coffee 

Located on the other side of the street, Anthem has their own versions of the drinks at Starbucks, but a lot tastier and more expensive. Anthem also offers Lotus energy drinks and local bakery baked goods. They do offer a student discount of 10% off.

Metro Coffee

Metro Coffee — UWT’s hidden gem on campus.  Based on reviews, customers enjoy the environment for hanging out with friends or working on homework. Bonus? The low-prices are hard to beat, as well.