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Music for your summer binging needs.

‘GIRL’ by Maren Morris

If her powerhouse voice and hit songs such as, “My Church” and “The Middle” are any indication, singer-songwriter Maren Morris is destined for stardom. “GIRL,” Morris’ second studio album pushes the boundaries between country and pop, refusing to adhere to the otherwise formulaic genres. Co-writing on all 14 songs, Morris’ lyrics convey raw emotion through themes of love, female empowerment, and more. The opening track, titled “GIRL” after the album,opens with a catchy guitar riff, followed by encouraging words, such as “I don’t wanna wear your crown — there’s enough to go around.” Described by Rolling Stone as “the most ambitious and eccentric song she’s done yet,” Moris takes her listeners on a ride of high expectations during the rest of her album that refuse to falter. Another notable song is “Good Woman,” which conveys the support one has for their partner through thick and thin. This song stands out from the average love song, as it alters the normative roles that men and women play within songs by the woman ensuring her partner emotional support and strength — not the other way around. While “GIRL” may be a bit more on the pop-side, Morris’ second album’s blurring of genres proves her as a stand-out in the current music industry.

-Kelsie Abram, Editor-In-Chief


‘Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds V: More Music’ from Final Fantasy

If you love “Final Fantasy” — or just video game soundtrack music in general — then the fifth album of the Distant Worlds collection is definitely one to check out. Distant Worlds is a concert series that performs orchestral arrangements of “Final Fantasy” music. Ranging from “Final Fantasy III” to “Final Fantasy XV,” “Distant Worlds V” features music from many of the different games and soundtrack composers such as Masashi Hamauzu, Nobuo Uematsu, Hitoshi Sakamoto and Yoko Shimomura. This new album, recently released on May 28, features new arrangements of “Opera: Maria and Draco,” “Hymn of the Faith,” and “Clash on the Big Bridge,” and new orchestral pieces of songs such as “Dark World” and “Unrequited Love.” Whether you’re a huge fan of the RPG series, never played them at all, or just want something different to listen to, this album is perfect for relaxing and great for adding onto your summer playlists.

Not enough? Distant Worlds is coming to Seattle’s Benaroya Hall on September 11 and 12. Tickets can be found on Distant Worlds’s official website.

-Leticia Bennett, News Editor


‘World War Joy Tour’ featuring the Chainsmokers, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Lennon Stella

What’s better than the invention of the wheel and sliced bread? Having three incredible artists such as the Chainsmokers, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Lennon Stella go on tour together! What’s even better than that? They’re touring to the Tacoma Dome on December 3 — their first ever tour here! If you live under a rock and don’t know these artists, here’s a crash course: The Chainsmokers are American Duo DJ’s who have created hits such as “Closer,” “Something Just Like This,” and most the popular “Who Do You Love” feat. 5SOS. 5SOS is an Australian pop band, similar to the retired One Direction, with hit songs such as “Youngblood,” “She Looks So Perfect,” and “Amnesia.” Opening for them is new artist Lennon Stella, a Canadian songwriter/singer who’s known for her songs “Poloroid,” “Bad,” and “BITCH (Takes One To know One).” This summer, check them out and buy tickets to their World War Joy tour for December!

-Ella Lucente, Managing Editor