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Foodies galore: Head on over to the Lincoln District

Located just two miles south from campus lies, what may be for some, a relatively uncharted area of the city — the Lincoln District. Remarkably, the Lincoln District has been able to retain most of its charm and character that still reflect Tacoma’s “Grit City” epithet, even as new developments pop up throughout downtown. A gem within Tacoma’s Eastside, a variety of delicious and diverse range of restaurants and shops stretch from Thompson to Tacoma Ave across the 38th street arterial.

If you want a taste of some homestyle Southern soul food, look no further than Uncle Thurm’s Finger Licken Ribs & Chicken. Since 1995, Thurmond Brokenbrough and his wife Linda have been serving up the best fried chicken in town within the restaurant’s homey atmosphere, complete with a sound system belting out jazz and rhythm and blues all day long — and live music on Friday nights. Even if fried chicken isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other classic southern dishes to choose from, including catfish, seafood gumbo, red beans and rice, yams, and collard greens.

Are you disappointed with the lack of good, authentic Mexican food around Tacoma and want to satisfy your cravings? Well, in the Lincoln District, you have not only one, but two quality options. Taqueria La Fondita and El Zocalo Tortas Y Bakery has got you covered. Located on the corner of Tacoma Avenue and 38th Street stands the Taqueria La Fondita taco truck, offering the typical array of delicious tacos and small plates for a reasonable price. Right across the street, El Zocalo Tortas Y Bakery is a local favorite if you are more in the mood for tortas or fresh baked goods.

Or maybe you just want a good ol’ cheeseburger and shake? Again, the Lincoln District has got you covered with two very comparable options to choose from. Located right across from each other on the corner of 38th Street and Thompson Avenue are Jubilee and Burger Ranch — two classic burger shacks that will consistently deliver hot, juicy burgers within minutes of placing your order. Plus, they have a variety of shakes to wash down after that gratifying meal.

Though, the unique Lincoln District really stands out for its concentration of Vietnamese restaurants, shops, and grocery stores — making this spot a true cultural hub. Lining 38th, there is a wide selection of Vietnamese cuisine to choose from. My personal recommendations are the ph? from Vien Dong and the $3 bánh mì’s from Hong Kong Supermarket, though feel free to explore the different options and see for yourself which you like best.