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Mayor Woodward graces stage at Alma Mater’s ‘The Night Show’

The event hall at the Alma Mater glistened and emitted a sort of warmth and intimacy that only a show made by and for Tacoma could achieve. As guests piled in and found their way to their seats — the bar or otherwise — the sounds of conservations among friends and acquaintances filled the room, creating an authentic sense of community and welcoming ambiance. The event of the evening, “The Night Show,” is a late night talk show, concert and game show all tastefully executed in one incredibly unique experience.

The show is truly unlike anything else offered in Tacoma or even the Puget Sound region, as it brings the joys of late night talk shows to life. Honing in on the latest in all things music, art, business, food and design, “The Night Show” engages with guests of local and national importance. The fifth installment of “The Night Show” featured a segment especially important to the City of Tacoma — a refreshing and fun conversation with Mayor Victoria Woodwards.

Mayor Woodwards was warmly welcomed by a crowd of enthralled Tacomans, as she allowed them a peek into her life and what she described as “the best job in the world.”

“It is the best job in the world to wake up every single day and wonder what I’m going to do for my city and the people who live here to make it a better place,” Woodwards said.

Her pride and love for Tacoma shined through as she began casually talking about a day in the life of being a mayor and specifically what her new program “Coffee with the Mayor” entails — a monthly event open to any and all who wish to converse with her. The event was created in response to her deep desire to connect with the people of Tacoma.

“I was spending a whole lot of time in meetings…but I didn’t get to be with people enough and that started to bother me,” Woodwards said.

Her voice carried throughout the gorgeously decorated event space as she answered a few more questions before playing a round of Tacoma Trivia with hosts and audience members. When the question “What do you love most about Tacoma?” popped up, she said — without skipping a beat — “the people.”

By the end of the segment, it is clear that Mayor Woodwards truly values spaces that foster a vibrant, diverse and authentic culture in Tacoma — as she gives kudos to programs and events such as Tacoma Arts Live, Tacoma Creates and “The Night Show.” As she rounded out her recount of how her day went, she spoke of “The Night Show.”

“This is important,” Woodwards said. “This is what being a mayor is.”

“The Night Show” is an one-of-a-kind, livly experience that moves to cultivate arts and community within Tacoma. It provides an environment where local innovation and national inspiration is at the forefront — leaving attendees proud of their city and eager to see what’s next for Tacoma’s future.

The sixth installment of “The Night Show” is not yet dated, but interested attendees can stay connected by following @thenightshownw on Instagram.

Alex Alderman

Alex is studying sustainable urban development. She loves going to events around Tacoma and telling people about them. Her goal is to use her degree to make cities more sustainable.