Huskies in the Hallway

Huskies in the Hallway: 4/22/19

What is your commute to UW Tacoma like?

Diego Morales – Sophomore – Business Administration

“I drive to school. It’s a 20-minute drive on I-5.”

Carter McCormick – Sophomore – Bio-Med

“I drive, but I can’t take I-5 because of the traffic. It’s typically 30 minutes, but without traffic, it’s 20 minutes.”

Drew White – Junior – Computer Science

“I commute from Lakewood. It’s typically a 20 minute drive depending on traffic.”

Lindsay Givens – Senior – Bio-Med

“It’s a 15 minute drive, and it’s pretty relaxing.”

Wayne Lynch – Professor – Communications

“I have arranged to travel to classes at off-peak times. I travel from Seattle to Tacoma southbound when everyone is traveling northbound.”