Huskies in the Hallway

Huskies in the Hallway: 4/1

UW has decided to change their mascot, officially retiring the infamous Husky. This week, Kelsie Abram asked her fellow students: If you could pick a new mascot for the university, what would it be and why?

Name: Rainn Wilson

Grade: Freshman

Major: Paper Sales

“Definitely the UW Bears. Fact: Bears climb faster than they can run, and they love salami. It’s only the most obvious choice.”

Name: Anna Faris

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Theatrical Parody

“I’m not sure. But whatever they decide on, I think it should be something that really screams out at you. Almost like a scary movie — but in a good way!”

Name: Kyle MacLachlan

Grade: Junior

Major: Mystic Studies

“I think UW should consider the idea of not changing the mascot, and instead just moving the campus to Twin Peaks, WA. My girlfriend, Laura Palmer, says some really interesting stuff happens there!”

Name: Detlef Schrempf

Grade: Senior

Major: Double Dribble Economics

“I would say the UW Sonics, but I just heard the SuperSonics are coming back to Seattle. One day, I hope to play for the Seattle SuperSonics! But a guy can only dream…”

Name: Kenny G

Job Title: Professor

Jazz and Sensual Scatting

“Our university should consider breaking the status quo — make our mascot a beautiful, shiny brass saxophone. Playing some sweet, jazzy tunes before any game is the true key to school spirit.”

Happy April Fool’s Day! These are not current UW students, but famous and notable alumni — and still Huskies — of the University of Washington.

Kelsie Abram

Kelsie is a senior at UWT and is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Tacoma Ledger. She is double majoring in creative writing and film studies, and has fiction published in the Tahoma West literary arts journal. In her spare time, she enjoys stage managing local Tacoma theater productions and working as a barista at Volcano Coffee in Puyallup.