Whether it’s your first time reading our paper or the millionth time, we at The Tacoma Ledger welcome you to the new academic year.

As the University of Washington Tacoma’s student led newspaper, we strive to be the number one source of campus news. We are dedicated to covering as many campus and local events and happenings as possible to keep students informed. If there’s a commotion on campus, you better believe we’ll be there to cover it.

We pride ourselves on employing students and fostering their passion for journalism. Students of all backgrounds and majors gain skills and experiences that transfer to life after graduation during their time here — all while having fun in the process.

The student body is also welcome to send us news tips or respond to our articles through a letter to the editor via ledger@uw.edu. This gives members of the UWT community beyond our staff an opportunity for their voices to be heard.

We hope that you will pick up a copy of the paper every Monday and continue to support The Tacoma Ledger along the way.

Kelsie Abram

Kelsie is a senior at UWT and is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Tacoma Ledger. She is double majoring in creative writing and film studies, and has fiction published in the Tahoma West literary arts journal. In her spare time, she enjoys stage managing local Tacoma theater productions and working as a barista at Volcano Coffee in Puyallup.