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Huskies in the Hallway: 4/16/18

This week, Mitchell Fermo asked his fellow Huskies to give their take on the question:

 Do you feel that media accuratly represent LGBTQ relationships?

And this is what five pf your fellow Huskies had to say:

Elizabeth Perez,
Freshman, Undeclared:

“Yeah. Over the years there have been more
gay and transgender characters, and their
depictions have become more common
and accurate.”

Sven Purkey,
Junior, Marketing:

“Media can accurately reflect LGBTQ
relationships, but in cases like ‘Modern
Family,’ it is done in an unrealistic and
comedic way.”

CJ Jackson,
Junior, Computer Science:

“Recent media has taken a step forward,
but it still doesn’t feel representative of the

Katrina Miyamoto,
Senior, Business Management:

“I think popular media sources hypersexualize
Queer relationshps. Adult shows like ‘Orange is the
New Black’ and ‘Atomic Blonde’ do this.”

Dr. Libi Sundermann,
Faculty, Modern Europe/World History:

“Some shows and movies have done a better job
now than in the past, but it feels like there
is a lot still based on stereotypes. I would
like to see more LGBTQ producers in
the industry.”