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Students relax at Bob Ross painting party

Feb. 6, the Student Activities Board hosted a Bob Ross painting party from 6—8 p.m for students to follow along with on the big screen.

Around 30 students gathered to share the collection of paint brushes and paints to use on the canvases provided.

Bob Ross is an American painter and television host known for his instruc­tional painting television series, “The Joy of Painting,” where he provides an infor­mative and relaxing approach to painting.

SAB thought Ross’ relaxing nature would aid students in calming down from midterms — a very stressful time during each quarter.

Students who attended sat facing a large screen where an episode of “The Joy of Painting” played, and SAB hosts periodically paused the episode for stu­dents to catch up with Ross.

Keelie Hyppa, UWT junior and busi­ness and management major, attended the event.

“I loved the paining, and how they just had the video up and people could come and connect with others,” Hyp­pa said.

Ranie Betzina, UWT junior and Busi­ness major, also took advantage of this chance to relax after midterms.

“I thought it was really cool with Bob Ross and the whole ‘serenity’ thing going on. Everyone was just having fun,” Bet­zine said.

After the majority of students and guests finished their Ross inspired art­work, the SAB played music and offered students to stay and paint whatever they pleased with the remaining canvases and painting materials.


Alyssa Tatro

Alyssa majors in urban studies and community development. She is interested in and concerned about issues in Tacoma that impact the community. She is obsessed with all things chocolate and piggies.