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Anthropocene Adventurer: new climate change club on campus

In the midst of increased environmental consciousness and political turmoil, UW Tacoma welcomes a new climate change organization to campus, the Anthropocene Adventurer Club. This new group seeks to facilitate open conversation regarding the many different challenges surrounding environmental issues.

Anthropocene is the epoch dating term used to reference the beginning of significant human impact on Earth’s ecosystems and geography. The Anthropocene Adventurer Club challenges individuals to be accountable for their own contributions to the environment as well as acknowledge the many ways that climate change affects all life differently.

Jay Robinson, a UWT senior and founder of the club, has many innovative goals and ambitions for the Anthropocene Adventurer. “The purpose of this club is to launch a much-needed campus conversation on climate change and to express authority over climate change by enhancing one’s climate change identity through sharable narrative,” Robinson said.

The motivation behind starting this club comes from the lack of an environmental issues club on campus and thus the absence of a platform where students can collectively share environmental issues and discuss possible solutions.

The group looks to connect with other clubs on campus, actively engage in discussion, and plan and execute activities or events of their choosing. Robinson emphasized that “by using narration as a tool, engagement with the qualitative experience of climate change may prevent us from becoming a society transformed by climate change.”

In addition to verbal engagement in such issues, there is also a website dedicated to the club, On the site, members can share ideas, concerns and knowledge through mediums such as videos, podcasts and literature. The club hopes the website will serve as a meeting point for members as well as an ongoing conversation everybody can partake in.

Anthropocene Adventurer next meeting is Jan. 23 in the Dawg House on the first floor of the Mattress Factory. The club meeting day and time are subject to change based on member availability.


Prospective members who are unable to meet on Jan. 23
are encouraged to email Robinson at to
share your ideas or get more information, visit:



Alex Alderman

Alex is studying sustainable urban development. She loves going to events around Tacoma and telling people about them. Her goal is to use her degree to make cities more sustainable.