Run Tacoma, run!

The Tacoma Runners club free Saturday 5K takes place every week at 8 a.m. The timed race uses the trails throughout Point Defiance park.

The social running club began in 2010 when a few people on Twitter decided to start a weekly running club.

“We have runners at all levels. We have people who win races, run the Boston marathon, and run ultra marathons, as well as those who have just begun running, and everywhere in between,” said UW Tacoma urban studies advisor and a member of the Tacoma Runners club Sarah Young.

The Tacoma Runners site said “From 16 minutes to 58 minutes, young children to adults, every speed and ability is represented.”

Young did not consider herself a runner before the club. “I started running with the club in April 2010, about three months after it began,” said Young.

Young believes the Tacoma Runners club is an opportunity for athletes in our community to socialize.

“Tacoma Runners is a huge part of my social life. I have met some of my best friends through the group — people I never would have gotten to know without this diverse group of runners,” said Young.

Other events ran by the club include Thursday night runs, which have about 100 runners who attend every week.

Different bars and restaurants around Tacoma sponsor the run each week, and therefore has reached every point in the city. While Rock the Dock Pub and Grill sponsored the April 7 run, the club receives funds from other local restaurants and organizations such as Harmon Brewery and Eatery as well as Rainier Connect.

“Obviously not everyone shows up to every run, but on Thursday nights we have anywhere from 50 to 200 runners each week,” said Young.

When asked about the future of the club, Young said “we’re going to stay right here in Tacoma, exploring new roads, trails, and bars, and continuing to visit our favorites.”

The club is planning on taking a group trip to run and hike Machu Picchu. They also are talking about starting a junior 1K run.

To learn more about the events or the club, Tacoma Runners urges everyone to join. Their Facebook page has over 4000 members, and can be found by searching for “Tacoma Runners” on Facebook.

“The easiest way to learn about us is to join a run,” says the website.

“The shared community interest in running and in the place we live is a great foundation for long-term relationships. We all very much look forward to seeing everyone — old and new — each week. Most of all, we will keep running,” said Young.