Letters to the Editor

February 21st Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Dear Social Justice Warrior,

I appreciate what you are doing for those that have been marginalized and left behind due to institutional policies that are not welcoming to all. Your hard work and voices have been welcoming to bringing these issues to light. Most of all, I want to thank you for reminding me that I am a “Privileged White Male” and need to sit down and shut up. Yes, those were words said to me as I was at my last Martin Luther King Jr. event held a few years ago at this institution. Since then, I have been sitting on the sidelines and being quiet as I pass through the halls of this University.

Prior to that event I would attend events to learn and be educated about the issues. I wanted to hear other views and do what I could to assist with making our society better for all. In fact, I wanted to use my knowledge, skills, and yes “Privilege” to reach back and provide assistance to those left behind because we as a society are only as effective as our weakest link. I am a conservative and that is the minority voice in this State, my county, and most institutions of higher learning.

I have seen this divide of ideas and views grow wider and wider over the years. I am reaching out once again to be part of the solution. Yet once again you have chosen to remind me of my “Privilege” and push me away. I am hoping that at some point we can break through our divide and you will see me as an individual just as you want me to see you. Hopefully we can have a discussion and realize the values that we share and find a way to close the chasm that has been built between us.

Brian Hess