Chicks Love Dancing — empowering women one beat at a time

Chicks Love Dancing is a Tacoma-based organization hoping to uplift women of all ages through dance. The business is owned by three generations of women: Frances Love, the primary founder; her daughter, Barbara Wolfe; and her mother, Barbara Mitchell.

All three of the founders are natural dancers but not classically taught. In fact, Frances Love was a civil engineer that realized working in a field her whole life wasn’t going to satisfy her.

“We believe in dancing like nobody’s watching and teaching our students how to listen to their bodies, and move them with more grace and intention,” Love says. “We believe, like Malala Yousafzai, that knowledge is power and we want to be the place that women go to get loose without having men around.”

Classes are approximately one hour of music and movement designed to help relieve stress and promote love within the group and the fellow “sisters.” Each class includes and encourages socializing with other “chicks” before and after the session.

“The link between dance, music and improved health has been long established with well-being of self,” Love said. “I can change my mood with music and I can teach others how to do the same. Chicks Love Dancing is a place for all women to feel comfortable and surround themselves with other women committed to creating an inclusive and supportive group.”

Chicks Love Dancing plays a variety of music and is driven less by steps and more by lyrics.

“Beats are what make the body move, so we play music that promotes love within and without. We post our playlists on Spotify so that our ‘chicks’ can go home and relive the release,” said Love.

Classes are grouped by age, which was inspired by the founders’ backyard chickens. ‘Chicks’ are from birth through the first menstrual cycle, ‘Pullets’ are from the first menstrual cycle to 21 days old, and ‘Hens’ are 21 days and older. Most classes will be suitable for all ages, but we will have specialized classes for Chicks, Pullets and Hens.

Monthly memberships are available. It costs $10 for single admission, $8 for “serving” chicks (active duty or veteran) and seniors, and $5 for student chicks and women who may be struggling.

The organization is also partnering with the Tacoma Rescue Mission for a clothing drive. A portion of the collected clothing will be taken to the studio’s closet for those in need of assistance, which are women and children who may be homeless or without permanent housing.

The dance studio also partners with Kathy Pickus at, where a kit is available to help girls understand their menstrual cycle.

“Appropriate knowledge at the right times with the right tools will give our girls more confidence. Beyond that, we will be partnering with our local schools, local women-owned businesses, women’s shelters, and many other resources to uplift the community.”