Opinion: Can’t Stump the Trump: How Trump’s victory could change both America and politics for the better

Well America, we went out, made our voices heard, voted and watched with anticipation on Nov. 8, to select our new president. Many mainstream media sources, both left leaning and right leaning, admitted to predicting a Clinton victory. But when the delegates were counted and the night drug on, the nation ultimately — albeit some bitterly — accepted the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Many believe Donald to be so outside conventional politics that he has no place being president, and that he and Mike Pence, will take us backwards in history. He’s been seen as a great affront to social liberalism, liberal economics/social security, immigration and geopolitical relations. However, many do not fully realize what Mr. Trump wishes to achieve in office. Whether due to skewing or “spinning” in the media and a lack of research done on the part of most voters. Trump may not be a perfect man, but I believe there are many ways he could not only change this country for the better, but also change how we as citizens make sure certain environmental and social protections remain through his presidency.

Trump’s plan for his presidency seems simple enough: end corruption, reinforce and improve our legal immigration policies, uphold our basic constitutional freedoms and renegotiate trade with our partners and allies. While this seems simple enough, the details of each plan seem more optimistic than many believe. In “Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter”, he outlines his plan to end corruption, insider trading and domination of special interests in congress. His main points are to create a constitutional amendment to impose term limits for congress members, restrict government regulation by enforcing a repeal of two regulations before a new one is created, a 5-year ban on White House and congressional officials from acting as lobbyists (after leaving government service), banning lobbying on behalf of another nation and banning foreign funding for campaigns. In terms of economics, Trump adamantly backs the renegotiation of NAFTA in order to bring back both jobs and foreign-held profits, label foreign trade that takes jobs from American workers, and reduce restriction on clean coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuel industries. Finally, his plan to protect our constitutional rights includes repealing any unconstitutional executive order passed by President Obama, nominating a new justice for the supreme court, canceling federal funding for “sanctuary cities” and deporting illegal immigrants, and suspend immigration for terrorism plagued countries where vetting for refugees cannot occur safely. He also recently made a statement reforming background check methods, a national conceal carry law (including on-base military personnel), allowing the importation of historical firearms, and an end to banning certain firearms will also be a goal to protect second amendment rights. The majority of these initiatives seem promising, America-centric and focused on supporting all Americans livelihoods and makes us stronger as a whole while fighting against elements that have hampered our government for years, may be decades. But what could we as citizens defend, or better yet fight towards, that mister Trump hasn’t mentioned?

I have a few suggestions for Trump: climate change is real, and it continues to get worse. We cannot afford to stop funding to the UN for finding solutions to our climate problem, nor can we ignore the expansion of the fossil fuel industry at home. Yes, there is a compromise between government regulation of environmental standards and fiscal conservatism/libertarianism, and we should find a resolution as soon as possible. Second, there must be a space for the Democratic voice in congress and the Supreme Court to be heard. After this year, the House, Senate, and Executive branch will be completely Republican, for the first time since the late 1920’s. We must ensure that both sides of the isle can compromise, and not steamroll legislation or executive action that could better benefit this great nation. Finally, we the people must restore our optimism in politics and the democratic process, or I fear we will elect someone far worse into the most powerful office in the nation.