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The Strategic Plan — Why isn’t anyone talking about it?

The Strategic Plan has UW Tacoma’s Chancellor Mark Pagano quite excited for the big reveal but the question continues to go as follows: What is the plan, is it worth knowing, and why isn’t anyone talking about it?

It is known that the plan currently lacks of qualitative measures and funding, which should raise questions but it turns out that none of the professors whom we requested to speak with seemed interested in speaking about the plan — or even comment on it.

Grounded on the belief that the plan is meant for students, faculty and community members to voice their aspirations and what they need in order to attain them, the concern remains as to whether the present issues will be addressed. It seems to be unanimously concurred that while we are a diverse campus, there are complaints the plan isn’t entirely inclusive of.

Additionally, when surveying various students on campus, there seems to be a combined lack of interest along with awareness as to what the plan’s purpose is and students who have heard about the plan seem to only criticize it for not being so transparent. That being said, most students surveyed who said the plan is bogus wished not to be quoted — why?

One of the only students to discuss the plan was Kris Farrens, who got an email of the plan, which she dismissed as a, “marketing plan.”

“There’s no real steps to the plan. I understand that the campus wants us to grow, but how can we if our infrastructure is playing catch up?”

With the predominant lack of interest for the plan — coupled with no one wanting to be quoted, including the students — what does this say for the plan and its goals?