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UW Alumni Council Supports Student Body Interests and Creates Interpersonal Ties

The University of Washington Ta­coma Alumni Council (UWTAC) is a university organization dedicated to connecting with the community, strengthening higher education in Washington State, and fellowship.

In 1889 a group of UW alumni collaborated to further strengthen their ties to establish a community that would revolutionize the univer­sity. The goal remains the same as it was 125 years ago: to connect the three branches, the community, each other, and representing UW’s best interest.

Through its years of existence, the council developed, and included other branches to the alumni council such as their 2010 establishment, the UW Impact (which focuses on advo­cating for higher education).

In the past, the group has sent leg­islation more than 10,000 messages from their UW Impact website advo­cating student body interests. The group created a stronger connection through building a district-by-district network of committed and active ad­vocates. This is when they gained the name, “Dawg District.”

Alumni Relations and Annual Giv­ing Officer, Thomas Duke explains the council’s vision for future growth and says, “Council members shall seek to define qualitative criteria that will guide the efforts to recruit new coun­cil membership, actively engage oth­er alumni and alert staff to new coun­cil prospects or potential volunteers of another capacity.”

UWTAC strives to provide oppor­tunities for long lasting engagement, collaboration, and networking all while supporting the mission, vision, and goals of UW Tacoma.

The council recently organized an event that will be held Friday, Nov. 27th called the Apple Cup. This event invites families, friends, students, alumni, faculty, and staff to join to­gether and socialize with members of the community and “fellow Huskies.” The event will take place at the Swiss Restaurant & Pub from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Appetizers and non-alcohol­ic beverages are available as well as Husky-themed cocktails and drink specials for those of drinking age.

The council members have orga­nized other annual events involving the community including the Turkey Trot, Giving Tree, and Gift Drive.

“Alumni, students, former stu­dents, faculty, staff, friends, donors, and their families are encouraged to take part in UWTAC activities and events,” says Duke.

The council encourages graduates to enroll as members of the organiza­tion. Any recipient who carries a de­gree or certificate from UWT is eli­gible to be a member. Students who want to be involved, but have not yet obtained their degree or a certificate can participate in specific assigned roles on the council.

University Y Student Center Build­ing Supervisor, Rai Nauman, shared his thoughts about the council: “The UW Tacoma Alumni Council pro­vides an opportunity to proactively engage the greater community as we further the mission of the university through advocacy, social, and service oriented programming efforts! I’m honored to serve as the chair this year with a group of selfless leaders. On the council, we are consistently ex­ploring innovative mechanisms to bring the UW Tacoma community together.”