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ASUWT Election Results Are In

The Election Administration Committee (EAC) announced ASU­WT’s election results on Monday afternoon, May 18, at the Student Y. The electoral votes had been verified May 15, but not even the candidates knew who won what until the results ceremony.

During the 2015/16 academic year senators will work under spe­cific departments to better serve the needs of students within those ma­jors. Prashneel Kumar will be senator for Business, Valeria “Val” Chagoya won Nursing/Healthcare Leadership, Erin Mulka won the position for So­cial Work, and the position of Infor­mation Technology went to Weiwei Shi.

There were several ties for this Spring’s elections. According to the EAC rulebook, if there is a tie for one position, the two candidates will then participate in a coin toss in order to determine which one will take the position. Stephen Brownin and Ricky/ Walter Clousing tied for Ur­ban Studies, and Alex Johnson and Jalen Calhoun tied for IAS seat num­ber two but since none of the candi­dates were in attendance at the elec­tion ceremony, the positions will be determined at a later date.

For the Elective results, UWT’s new ASUWT president for next year is Sophie Nop, the Student Technol­ogy Director will be John Poore, John Taylor Matthews will take over Uni­versity Affairs, and Nadia Caldwell will be in charge of Outreach. Bron­wyn Clarke won the Finance position and Legislative Affairs went to Sam­uel Ranslem. Lastly, the Internal Communications and Affairs posi­tion goes to Omer Adam.

Some positions have yet to be filled, specifically the seats for the Education, Undeclared Major, and the IAS number one.

The new Constitution goes into effect during the 2015/2016 school year and, as Election Administration Committee member Kari Gudgeon stated, “all candidates have displayed leadership, assertiveness, teamwork, and other great qualities needed to represent the unique needs and in­terests of the students” in their aca­demic department.

Working as an ASUWT official allows members to gain important skills useful in the workplace. ASU­WT officials work together to autho­rize and pass bills, lobby student interests to local and state legislators, allocate funds for technology around campus, improve student services, and more. Each department is lim­ited in the number of seats that are available, so the race for seats is highly competitive.

If you are interested in applying for one of the three remaining positions, please contact current Vice President Tyler Bjork at