UWT is Getting a New W!

The UW Seattle campus has doz­ens of statues, commemorative plates, and symbols around campus. Yet, UW Tacoma has yet to install a sym­bolic structure to show everyone that its students have pride. With the un­veiling of a new project, project man­agers here at UWT seek to change that.

Late this June, Project W will be­gin, raising an 8-foot-tall W at the top of the grand staircase. This statue will be made of steel to exemplify a feel­ing of Tacoma’s industrial character.

This statue will be more than just a hunk of metal. Jane Lee, UWT se­nior and Psychology major, said that this campus has always meant more to her than the high school she at­tended. “Coming to UWT has changed me and this statue will mean a lot to me symbolically,” Lee said.

It will also be a constant remind­er of UWT pride and the “homey” feeling that comes with our smaller, close-knit campus. Lisa Dupleich, a senior, studying Business Manage­ment, said, “I think in a way the statue will bring students together… this statue will make them feel like they are more a part of the UWT fam­ily.”

Coming from out of country, Lisa feels that it is of utmost importance to have that constant reminder that you are a part of a family here at UWT. She went on to explain that it also reminds us to be more involved. When you are at a university like this, it is important to get to know others around you, volunteer, and share the UWT experience.

In addition, students now have the chance to have their names com­memorated permanently on campus. With a donation of $100 or more you could get a small plaque displaying your name. Years from now, students will get the chance to return and see the mark others left here at UWT.

To learn how to donate, visit: