Bulletproof Coffee: The newest coffee trend could benefit your metabolism

By Kristin Della Vecchia

Staying awake and alert during the early morning feels nearly impossible for many without a cup of coffee. Coffee is an extremely popular beverage around the world. While some may consume it to savor the flavor, others may consume it for the energy. For those who consume the beverage for energy, the “caffeine rush” comes to an end usually early afternoon, but it doesn’t have to. Rather than adding the typical ingredients-cream and sugar-to a cup of coffee, people are substituting their cream with an alternative ingredient. Adding butter to coffee has become the new trend.

When inquiring about the awareness of this new trend at the University of Washington Tacoma here is what senior student, Kevin Bednar had to say, “I drink coffee often and I have never heard of it; it sounds pretty unhealthy.”

It may sound unhealthy, but consider the following: the supplementary ingredient is not any brand of butter, it’s unsalted grass fed butter. Grass fed butter is a nutritious brand of butter that is obtained from cows that only eat grass. This brand of butter has nutritious benefits; it provides the body with vitamins (like A, D, and K-2) and healthy fats. Just as a particular brand of butter is required, there is also a specific coffee.

According to Debora Robinett, a dietitian, and the President of the Health Enhancement Corporation, the coffee has to be low in toxins. The mixture of grass fed butter, and low toxin coffee with sugar, if preferred, produces a creamy texture. The fat from the grass fed butter creates a full feeling. On the contrary, regular coffee typically leaves the coffee drinker hungry hours later. The fat from the grass fed butter slows down the process of caffeine absorption; as a result the coffee drinker stay energized longer and does not experience a caffeine crash. This slower pace of caffeine absorption does not happen when drinking a regular cup of coffee- from Starbucks, a coffee stand, or any high end coffee shop-because it does not contain grass fed butter. Another ingredient Robinett suggested was medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, in combination with the grass fed butter. “The MCT oil rev’s up your metabolism and is a good sour of energy” said Robinett. All these ingredients combined are called, Bulletproof coffee, which was invented by Dave Asprey, a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur.

To mix the ingredients a blender is necessary. Finding low toxin coffee can be difficult when looking in the supermarket. It can be found online at various website such as eBay, Amazon, or at official site for Bulletproof coffee:

How to make Bulletproof Coffee:

  •         2 tbs. of unsalted grass fed butter (can be found at Trader Joe’s, Marlene’s Market & Deli).
  •         1 tbs. of MTC oil (this ingredient is optional).
  •         2 cups of hot low toxin coffee.
  •         Blend.