Do they know this is Halloween?

By Andrew Crew

Halloween is nearly upon us, but I feel antsy for another reason.

Yes, people are getting nice and excited for all the mazes, parties, and inebriation rituals, per usual.

But there’s something missing. The movie I’ve always had an odd mix of respect and disinclination toward is  20 years old this year, but the fanfare I expected is somehow absent.

Now there’s nothing wrong with the 1993 movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” It’s just that I am a 6-foot-5 skinny kid with a love for gunfire-,loud achromatic pinstripe suits ,and a knack for scaring people easily – not to mention the fact that popular consensus can describe my best bud as  a shy, red-haired lady with a penchant for  sewing and worrying over my outlandish schemes. This all makes me feel a little awkward watching the film.  And musicals are hardly ever my bag.

Still, it annoys me that I see so little happening for the movie’s twentieth anniversary. A quick search online reveals that Hollywood’s El Capitan Theater is showing a special screening, along with doling out awesome poster art to attendees. But this is expected, as El Capitan usually presents special screenings come Halloween, and Disneyland is in close proximity (‘Nightmare’ is a Disney movie). All seems quiet on the Northwestern front. Blu-ray editions of the movie are coming out, so people could watch it at home, but that’s really no fun. Somehow SIFF Cinema doesn’t have anything planned, though I know they love anniversary screenings.

The absence of celebration feels like seeing a rival you’ve had for decades suddenly vanish; you’re left worrying as to where the cuss they went.

Still, I’ll be able to celebrate in my own weird little way: I’ve made a quasi-tradition  of painting my face like Jack’s nearly every Halloween since 2009. Given I have the time, I could make use of another coincidence and head over to Capitol Lake Park in Downtown Olympia…

Sitting alone upon a hill against the moon is a bit depressing, though.

Maybe I could badger the best bud to come hang out with me, and we could get some ice cream.